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La Mulana 2 announced

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I'm still very jealous, even with the report of some rough spots.

The first game had enough BS moments that I straight up wouldn't have been able to complete it without internet help... but it also had more than its fair share of amazing "Ah-Ha!" moments where you solve clever puzzles, avoid traps, or discover entirely new aspects of the game world.

Sounds like the second game manages to create enough of those moments to be worth the effort. Hopefully I'll find myself in a position (ie: with a supported platform) to play eventually.

Congrats on beating the game, and thanks for coming back to give your impressions!

Spent last weeks by mostly being ill but also playing La Mulana 1 once again. This time on Hard with the goal of getting as much achievements along the way as i can.

Got the one for beating all bosses without using sub-weapons on Hard mode -- this one really requires you to study these bosses' patterns because on Hard they hit very hard and have more health. Ellmac who is usually an early and easy boss becomes a true nightmare on Hard because of his erratic patterns. As always -- getting an Axe early helps immensely, especially boosted with software combinations.

While playing LM1 i am once again shocked how much stuff it really has -- developer rooms, secret scanning spots, extremely obscure shortcuts between levels, treasure chests that only appears on escape sequences. It's astounding that i can play the game for like 10th time and still find new things. And of course Hell Temple and it's own set of secrets.

La Mulana 1 really makes the sequel look rather poor content-wise...

DLC for La-Mulana 2 -- Tower of Oannes is out!

Launched it yesterday and spent several hours roaming around re-remembering how game works.

Couldn't even find the dang level! Welp.


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