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Alright! Let's Get Serious With TV Talk! Your Top Shows of the 21st Century!

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Hollywood Reporter drops Top 50 Tv Shows of since the year 2000 (21st Centrury)

Top 10:
10. BoJack Horseman
9. Freaks and Geeks
8. Girls
7. Better Call Saul
6. Reservation Dogs
5. The Wire
4. 30 Rock
3. Succession
2. The Sopranos
1. Mad Men

I have The Shield in my Top Spot, but didn't even make the Top 30 of their list.
but this is all based on opinions, and I haven't even seen a lot of the shows on the list.

Such as 13 of the bottom 20 shows I haven't watched any of at all.
and overall 32 of the entire 50 I haven't seen.... some of these I've never even heard of.
Some I've seen a few episodes, or at best a majority of a single season worth of episodes.

Anyway, how would you rate this list? what's missing from your Top 5/10/25/50?

I like this post. I like it so much I think it should be a topic all on its own and not just get lost in the Rate Your Last TV Show Thread. Hope you don't me hijacking your post to create a new thread for you but I haven't abused my mod powers in some time and I just gotta know if I still have that forum dictator mojo I used to give off.  ;)

First things first, I'm going to enlarge on BnM's beginning legwork by just posting the whole list here for reference. But feel free to read his linked article as well. I always like to read the comments as to what makes a person / critic choice an item for the list and why they recommend it. However, it we are just going to follow his suggestion to talk about our thoughts on the list and what we've seen / haven't seen or would add / replace then it just makes sense to post that basic list here.

50. Sex and the City
49. Avatar: The Last Airbender
48. South Side
47. Vida
46. The Underground Railroad
45. The Crown
44. The Leftovers
43. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
42. Station Eleven
41. Beef
40. Insecure
39. The Deuce
38. Band of Brothers
37. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
36. The Shield
35. Chernobyl
34. Jane the Virigin
33. Orange is the New Black
32. Veep
31. Fleabag
30. Game of Thrones
29. Broad City
28. How To With John Wilson
27. Parks and Recreation
26. Battlestar Galactica
25. Review
24. I May Destroy You
23. Survivor
22. Better Things
21 Deadwood
20. Peep Show
19. Rectify
18. Friday Night Lights
17. Halt and Catch Fire
16. Breaking Bad
15. Atlanta
14. Enlightened
13. 30 For 30
12. The Americans
11. The Daily Show
10. Bojack Horseman
09. Freaks and Geeks
08. Girls
07. Better Call Saul
06. Reservation Dogs
05. The Wire
04. 30 Rock
03. Succession
02. The Sopranos
01. Mad Men

And the honorable mentions. America to Me, Arrested Development, Bob’s Burgers, The Good Wife, The Great British Bake-Off, Happy Valley, Harley Quinn, It’s a Sin, Justified, The Office (U.S.), Sense8, Somebody Somewhere, This Country, Up, Watchmen.

I'll also spoiler the list for now in case you want to see the article and surprise yourself as you read along. But be warned, as discussion now continues in this thread, no one needs to abide by spoiler quotes unless you want to get into some plot details and be careful for those that may not have seen a show. As far as series titles and other stuff goes, have it. As well, too, check out the start of the article which explains their criteria for ranking and why you won't see something like Squid Game appearing.

As for me, I am just going to briefly mention that of the 50 series listed, I have seen a large chunk of 14/50 series listed. Most of that was the complete series but some stuff I wasn't too bothered by seeing every episode Like watching every episode of The Daily Show, for instance.. As for the honorable mentions, it's 4/15. About the same percentage. As for what all those shows..... ah, ah. That'll have to be tomorrow. Getting late now. Also there's one really big personal omission as far as I'm concerned but I'll come to that.

I suppose I'll just quickly mention that it had been on my mind for a couple years to create a thread asking us to rate our top ten or twenty shows of the past decade like with stuff airing from 2010 - 2020 particularly since a lot of shows in the latter part of the teens had been wrapping up making it a bit easier to start judging the whole works but never got around to it. Just wasn't sure if the interest would be there.

This idea of just going with the complete 21st Century instead of a decade makes for a stronger and easier way to list and rank things which has got my posting juices pumped up and wanting to make this a thread. Have enough of us watched a lot of TV to do at least a Top 20 list? Get your thinking caps on and let's find out!

we do have a tendency to Mega-Thread everything around here....

but since I'm replying here's my personal Top 5:
The Shield
The Sopranos
Breaking Bad
The Wire
.... I have to put more thought into the actual 5th show here, but honorable mentions to

Better Call Saul
Avatar: TLA
The Boys
Arrested Development
The Good Place (had to edit that in, I knew i was forgetting something)

and other shows that likely fall outside of that Top 10 but I still enjoyed:

Battlestar Galactica
Game of Thrones


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