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The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread

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Seems like this is the dominating topic of conversation on everything right now so might as well have a spot for it on the forums. Let's see if we can actually this thing contained in this thread or if the conversation will spread elsewhere on the forums....

Oh no! This thread is too late. It's already all over the forums....

I'm switching from Corona to Modelo in support of all those impacted by Corona virus...and not been into work for the past two weeks -working from home is always awesome. I am in the Seattle area and someone in my building was confirmed infected though I had no contact with them (different company that shared our building). Things are a ghost town and we are running low on toilet paper because everyone panic-bought all the toilet hygiene supplies.

I went to Target last night for toilet paper and hands towels after hearing about hoarders buying out all the supply.

TP aisle was empty, have sanitizer empty.

I have a friend that works there and she told me to come back just before close because they were getting a shipment in.
I ended up having TP and Hand towels of the palettes.

There was a family right behind me pushing 3 carts, stocking water bottles, so much TP, and other bunker stocking items.

I think some people are really over reacting.
I also think they should invest in a bidet or two for the house if they need that much toilet paper.... Maybe just take more showers. Lol

Why are people getting water bottles? If the Joker gonna poison the water supply, you buy big hugs to fill up at home.


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