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Death to the mega-threads.

From now on, feel free to start a topic on a specific show and movie and now we can have more individualized threads and comments on the various titles.

Part of me would like to start going through and dissecting some of the Rate the Last TV Show and Movie threads to start creating some of those individual threads and making comments for specific shows easier to find but I also know there are a lot of cases where people rate multiple movies or shows in one post making it hard to separate that. But, I suppose those could always be left in the Megathreads and considered casualties. However, I'm not going to do that if the support isn't there either. We can always just leave those behind and copy some old posts over or start fresh on some topics.

I'm going to do some digging and pull over some older threads that were specifically created for some movies and shows to add to this forum. It's time to start building this new shiny forum up.

I mean for those rate topics it is more of a snapshot in time and I think should stay in those mega threads. 

I guess for the individual topics if said movie and or TV show was popular enough then yeah go make a topic and things can fill in from there.

Honestly, even if may not be that popular a topic, I say go ahead and just create it now anyways. Sure, maybe you are the only one that will comment or post in a thread on "Eight Days That Made Rome" but I say go ahead and create a specific thread for that show anyways if you want to comment on it. Maybe someone else will add to it later or just want to see your specific comments on that show. Making the topic will make it easier to find those comments.

If I want to find comments on Arrow or Breaking Bad right now, for example, I have to go through pages and pages of posts in the Rate the Last TV Show thread spanning many years as new seasons and episodes aired. In between there will be all kinds of posts about other shows. Now, those comments will hopefully be easier to find and better grouped together moving forward.

At the same time, I don't want to see someone just coming in and creating a topic for every single movie and TV title they can think of just to up their post and thread count. If you do feel like commenting on something or trying to start a discussion on a title or series that doesn't have a thread yet then feel free to start on at that time and not because you want to have another thread to your name with no intention of participating on the topic.

No I am saying for the more popular ones the mods can make a topic about them and for whatever is not as well known or just a fave the users can make a topic if that one is passonate for them. :)

If someone wanted to make me a mod here I'd be willing to help pick apart the mega threads.


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