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NBA Thread: Brought To You By The Tampa Bay Raptors Of Toronto

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In this year's edition of "I bet you didn't see that coming" [/quicksilver reference]

Chris Paul to the Warriors for Jordan Poole and 2 future picks to the Wizards.....

I admit i was shocked at first and was thinking WTF are they thinking....
But CP3 is a vet and would be taking on the 2nd unit, and running point so Steph can play off ball more.
vs JP3 who is very erratic, over dribbled out of plays and into bad spots. Makes terrible telegraphed passes, and takes terrible shots at bad times, that are only acceptable IF YOU MAKE THEM (or are Steph Curry).

Besides, I'm sure Draymond opted out to put pressure to trade Poole. And then hopefully come back on s team friendly deal to sure up the bench for another run at a title. And it gets us out from his terrible contact.

I think it could work out.


--- Quote from: jamesrivers295 on July 27, 2023, 01:38:22 PM ---I must confess my admiration for the Warriors. Even after losing the Finals, they still possess a magnificent team with star players like Curry, Thompson, and Green. Additionally, their new addition Durant, who is an MVP, brings a fair amount of excitement, although I am curious about how he will mesh with the team.

I am also thrilled about the new players, particularly Pachulia and McGee, whose unique playing style adds an element of fun to the game. The bench players always come in handy, too. It is an outstanding squad, and I'm looking forward to seeing them succeed next season.

--- End quote ---

No one tell it. :P


how dare you make a direct comparison of the Stifle Tower to Captain America!?
You think that A stands for FRANCE!!!!??

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