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The little girls voice is very annoying, but only at first.  After a while you're used to it, and she does't sound so much like Navi.

"Hey!  You guys!  Come on!  Look!  listen!"

It's defidently worth seeing.  The animation is so smooth and clean, it's just a joy to watch.

I love Spirited Away!
Chihiro is annoying at the beginning, cause that's the way she is. She is lazy and whinny, and as the movie goes, she gets more confident and becomes more self-reliant and courageous. I like her voice. Am I in love? Yes! I love innocent love! Like Chihiro and Haku's relationship.

Anyway.....most of my avatars have been Natalie Portman. No need for explanations there. Even Oohhboy uses one of my pics for his avatar! One was of the cover for 'Fallen' by Evanescence, cause that is one of my fave albums, and my current one is the one and only, legendary Grug! Grug came to be when a tree fell over. The brown bush on top of it popped off, grew arms and legs, and became Grug! Not the best of transformations, but I would sit for hours in the library reading his 10 page adventure books when I was a kid!
The coolest, clumsy brown shrub who was as curious and endearing that any child could love him and hug him forever!
Ahhh Grug! What will you get up to next!

I think my next one will be an anime one. Possibly Chihiro, Cis from The Animatrix (Program), or...hmmmm.....well, we'll find out won't we

My avatar changes all the time but i think im going to set a record with this one! Pikmin 2 is one of my most anticipated games, when i get a new most anticipated game, ill change it.

Grey Ninja:
Mouse Clicker, you might want to watch the Japanese version of Spirited Away instead.  They include the Japanese voice track on the Spirited Away DVD, so it's not like a big deal to watch it or anything.    Personally, I like both the dubbed and the subbed versions.  They are both excellent.

My new avatar of course is Rurouni Kenshin.  Not really much that needs explaining there I don't think.    An awesome character from an awesome anime.  My next avatar will likely be either Elly Van Houten, or Aya Brea done in a similar style.

If I ever do see it, I'll probably watch it subbed, although it's nice that the dubbed version is good as well. Sometimes when the dubbing doesn't work it just ruins the whole movie (like basically ANY live-action movie out of Japan).


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