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IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE!! [OT] for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies & TV)

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Welcome to the Official Topic for The Marvel Cinematic Universe
a thread for all things Marvel in the Movies and on TV.

if you are looking for comic talk, Go HERE

Current Lineup:
(shamelessly stolen)

Marvel's Cinematic Timeline:

(click for really large version)

Marvel One-Shots:
1.)  The Consultant (Thor)
2.)  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer (Captain America: The First Avenger)
3.)  Item 47 (The Avengers)
4.)  Agent Carter (Iron Man 3)
5.)  All Hail the King (Thor 2: The Dark World)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Current Storyline for Agent of SHIELD has it intersecting and running parallel with the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Movie Trailers

Phase 1
Iron Man - Trailer 1
The Incredible Hulk - Trailer 1
Iron Man 2 - Trailer 1 | Trailer 2
Thor - Trailer 1
Captain America: The First Avenger - Trailer 1 | Trailer 2
The Avengers - Trailer 1 | Trailer 2

Phase 2
Iron Man 3 - Trailer 1 | Trailer 2
Thor: The Dark World - Trailer 1
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Trailer 1 | Trailer 2 | TV Spots: #1 : #2 : #3 : #4 : #5
Guardian of the Galaxy - Trailer 1  |  Trailer 2  |  Extended Look #1 : #2  |  TV Spots #1 :  #2 : #3 : #4 : #5  |  Meet the Guardians: Rocket : Groot : Drax : Gamora : Peter Quill  |  Galaxy Getaway  |  Featurettes: #1 : #2
The Avengers: Age of Ulton - Teaser | Trailers: #1
Ant-Man - Trailer #1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - HQ Trailer Link -
Spider-Man: Homecoming - HQ Trailer link -
Thor: Ragnarok - HQ Trailer link:
Black Panther - HQ Trailer link:
Avengers: Infinity War - HQ Trailer link:

Phase 3
Captain America: Civil War - Trailers: #1 | Spidey!
Doctor Strange - Trailer #1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - HQ Trailer Link -
Spider-Man: Homecoming - HQ Trailer link -
Thor: Ragnarok - HQ Trailer link:
Black Panther - HQ Trailer link:
Avengers: Infinity War - HQ Trailer link:

Yet to be Released for Phase 3

Movie Dates:

May 4th, 2018 - Avenger: Infinity War (Part 1)

July 6th, 2018 - Ant-Man and The Wasp

March 8th, 2019 - Captain Marvel

May 3rd, 2019 - Avengers 4 (Part 2)

Phase 4 Movies

May 1st, 2020 - TBD (Spider-Man?)

July 10th, 2020 - TBD (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?)

November 6, 2020 - TBD


Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC - S1: Sept 2013, S2: Sept 2014, S3: Sept 2015, S4: Sept 2016, S5: Nov 2017)

Agent Carter (ABC - S1: Jan 2015, S2: Jan 2016, S3: cancelled)

Daredevil (Netflix - S1: April 2015, S2: April 2016, S3: TBD 2018)

Jessica Jones (Netflix - S1: Nov 2015, S2: TBD 2018)

Luke Cage (Netflix - S1: Sept 2016, S2: TBD 2018)

Iron Fist (Netflix - S1: March 2017, S2: TBD 2018?)
The Defenders (Netflix - Aug 2017)
-This is the TV equivalent of The Avengers bringing all 4 above (Netflix) Characters together onto one team for a mini-series event.

Marvel's Most Wanted (ABC - S1: "passed over")
-Spin-off of Agent of SHIELD

Damage Control (ABC - S1: TBD cancelled?)

Cloak & Dagger (Freeform - S1: TBD 2018)

The Runaways (Hulu - S1: Nov 2017)

Extra Movie Trailers/footage:
5 minute Captain America: The Winter Soldier extended trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic-Con trailer

Ant-Man test footage 

The Future of Marvel's Cinematic Universe:
-It has been mentioned that Marvel is looking to replace the use of Mutants in the Cinematic Universe with Inhumans. It is speculated that some characters that are not directly tied to X-Men but are originally mutants, may be rewritten as Inhumans to get around licensing snafu's.

Kevin Fiege - Head of Marvel - also stated that they have movies planned all the way through 2021, so I would expect a Phase 4 set of movies at the very least. *Fiege has also expressed interest in finally getting a Black Widow Solo movie out, which is now possible that he managed to wrestle away control of the MCU movies from Ike Perlmutter, who is still in control of MCU TV/Netflix production.
*This has led to the rumors that Kevin (MCU movies) & Ike (MCU TV/Netflix) continue to have bad blood, and it has become more likely that TV will not likely factor into the Movies to keep #itsallconnected from being a one way street as it has been up to this point, where storylines from the movies get mentioned and/or tied into by the tv shows, but not the other way around. This could all change w/ the upcoming Infinity War movies where the Russos reportedly have over 60 characters they have worked into the scripts.

Spider-Man - Marvel has worked out a deal with Sony where Marvel gets to creatively make the movies, while Sony still maintains ownership of the movie property. This works by Marvel Studios basically being hired by Sony as the creative and production team, while Sony get to foot the bill, handle distribution and reap the profits. Sony will of course be paying Marvel Studios their contracted production/creative fees, and possibly even mile-stone bonuses along the way. But the important thing here is that Marvel Studios is in control of what's happening w/ Spidey in the MCU and  related solo movies.

The Hulk - While Marvel has the production rights to produce a new Hulk movie, it is Universal who still has "first refusal" rights to the distribution of any Hulk titled movie. Which means if Marvel makes it, Universal get to accept or deny the rights to distribute it before Disney/Marvel can distribute it on their own. This is likely the biggest reason we have yet to see a second solo Hulk movie, but Hulk works well as a co-star for now, so we can wait.

and because I know someone will ask, here is a
list of Marvel's Properties that Marvel does not currently have the movie rights to:
X-Men (Fox) - this includes all mutants as well as the phrase "Mutant"
- apparently there is a loophole for certain characters that are not directly connected to X-Men such as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but they cannot be referred to as "mutants" outside of their use with Fox and the X-Men property.

Fantastic 4 (Fox) - This also includes Galactus, Silver Surfer, Super Skrull & Annihilus. But Fox has to get this movie off the ground by Oct. 2014 otherwise the rights will revert back to Marvel like Daredevil and Ghost Rider before it. (There are rumors of production issues, but Fantastic Four 2 already has an announced date - 2017) **There were rumors of Marvel negotiating with Fox over TV rights to X-men properties, and these rumors also mentioned usage of F4 by Marvel... not sure if anything happened, but maybe at worst, Fox will work out a deal similar Sony did for Spider-man, at best they'll just give it up out-right in exchange for full X-men access (TV , merchandise, etc etc).**

***EDIT: Disney has Bought 21st Century FOX - this means X-Men and Fantastic Four will be returning to Marvel

Spider-Man (Sony) - Supposedly Marvel has been working behind the scenes to include Spider-Man in the MCU, which almost happened with a small acknowledgement in The Avengers, but sadly Sony couldn't get it together in time to make it happen.... maybe next time ;) **see update above - next time has come ;) **

Namor (Universal/Marvel?) - not sure what it takes to get this back, but as seeing that Universal has done nothing with it since they've had it, I assume that if Disney wanted it back, Universal might oblige. **Marvel technically has rights to Namor, and if a movie were to be made, it would be by Marvel Studios, BUT there are still lots of outside contracts to deal with before anything would ever break ground using the character, so don't expect Namor to just pop up in in a Marvel movie. It's more complicated than that a the moment.

Latest News:

4 Marvel Shows that eventually become a Mini-Series are all headed to Netflix
Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones will become The Defenders - beginning sometime in 2015

--- Quote from: Press Release - 11/7/13 ---BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 7, 2013  – The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) and Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) today announced an unprecedented deal for Marvel TV to bring multiple original series of live-action adventures of four of Marvel’s most popular characters exclusively to the world’s leading Internet TV Network beginning in 2015. This pioneering agreement calls for Marvel to develop four serialized programs leading to a miniseries programming event.
 Led by a series focused on “Daredevil,” followed by “Jessica Jones,” “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage,” the epic will unfold over multiple years of original programming, taking Netflix members deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Netflix has committed to a minimum of four, thirteen episodes series and a culminating Marvel’s “The Defenders” mini-series event that reimagines a dream team of self-sacrificing, heroic characters.
 Produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Television Studios, this groundbreaking deal is Marvel’s most ambitious foray yet into live-action TV storytelling.
 “This deal is unparalleled in its scope and size, and reinforces our commitment to deliver Marvel’s brand, content and characters across all platforms of storytelling. Netflix offers an incredible platform for the kind of rich storytelling that is Marvel’s specialty,” said Alan Fine, President of Marvel Entertainment. “This serialized epic expands the narrative possibilities of on-demand television and gives fans the flexibility to immerse themselves how and when they want in what’s sure to be a thrilling and engaging adventure.”
 “Marvel’s movies, such as ‘Iron Man’ and Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’, are huge favorites on our service around the world. Like Disney, Marvel is a known and loved brand that travels,” said Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. “With ‘House of Cards’ and our other original series, we have pioneered new approaches to storytelling and to global distribution and we’re thrilled to be working with Disney and Marvel to take our brand of television to new levels with a creative project of this magnitude.”
This new original TV deal follows last year’s landmark movie distribution deal through which, beginning with 2016 theatrically released feature films, Netflix will be the exclusive U.S. subscription television service for first-run, live-action and animated movies from the Walt Disney Studios, including titles from Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Disneynature and Lucasfilm. Netflix members can currently enjoy a wide range of Disney, ABC TV and Disney Channel films and shows across the 41 countries where Netflix operates.
--- End quote ---

The Netflix Shows could eventually become a movie - & ABC working on another Marvel Show
That un-named show is likely the Agent Carter Series as mentioned in the OP

--- Quote from: 11/8/2013 ---The Walt Disney Company had their quarterly Earnings Call yesterday, which explains the multitude of announcements ranging from Star Wars: Episode VII's release date to the giant Netflix/Marvel deal, and In the conference call,  Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger further elaborated on the Netflix deal and another TV project.
 When asked about Marvel's deal with Netflix and why that particular route was chosen, Iger said the company realized there were only so many shows they could fit on their platforms, which includes the animated shows on Disney XD and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on the ABC network. He then went on to say that ABC has another Marvel series in development, and though he wouldn't say what character or series it is based on, we think it might be the Agent Carter TV series talked about a few months ago.
 The conversation continued on the Netflix deal when Iger said that due to the overwhelming amount of characters in Marvel's wheelhouse, it's simply not possible to put them all on the big screen. He then confirmed that the characters announced yesterday as having their own series on Netflix, including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones, are "not among the most popular" and were likely never going to be in a feature film anyway. Iger then added that should their respective series be well received on the Netflix platform, however, feature films for the individual characters aren't out of the question.
--- End quote ---

An upcoming Agent's of SHIELD episode "The Well" that is set to air in 2 weeks will be a tie in to the just released movie Thor 2: The Dark World.
Here are some pics from the episode:

I have a Marvel Thread...


Captian America>Iron Man>Avengers>Hulk>Thor>Iron Man 2

I am not impressed with Shield.


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