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--- Quote from: TJ Spyke on April 15, 2013, 01:15:18 AM ---I want it as an option for affordability reasons. Not everyone who wants an iPod Touch can afford to shell out $300 ($324 after tax in New York) on one.

--- End quote ---

Then why not get the 4th Gen model? They are still being produced and sold alongside the 5th Gen, and are getting cheaper every month. I mean, just go to the refurbished Apple Store and you'll see what I mean:

8GB for $150, 16GB for $170, and 32GB for $180. Not a bad deal, unless you REALLY want the better camera and bigger screen.

TJ Spyke:
It also helps future-proof for Apps since some games dont work for older iOS systems.

The 5th gen looks pretty good. I don't know, I just think Apple should give consumers choices.

I recently subscribed to iTunes Match, which I'm liking a lot. It makes managing music on my iOS devices a lot more streamlined than it was before.

It doesn't matter what Apple does with iOS7. I'm going to buy the next iPhone anyway. I don't think it's better or worse than other phones. It suits my needs, I'm used to it, and all I really want now is 4G. The Blackberry Z10 intrigued me, but why bother? I'm going to use them exactly the same way. Might as well get the one that's supported by practically everything.

On a separate note, I hope the next iMac has a Retina Display. I've been meaning to get an iMac for a while now, but since Apple released the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, I figured I would wait. My MacBook Pro is still running well so I'm in no rush until Apple finally upgrades the iMac's screen.

I will also be buying the next iPhone, because I still have an iPhone 4. I was planning to get an iPhone 5 but was waiting until there was an untethered jailbreak for it, and then that took a lot longer than I expected and by that point I had other things I wanted to buy, and then I decided to wait for the next one.


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