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Official NFL Discussion: If You Only Count The Legal Points, KC Wins

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Whether or not there ends up being a season this year, the Draft is coming up Thursday.

Right now I'm really hoping A.J. Green falls to my Browns at #6, as a legit number one receiver is one of the few real holes in their lineup. Having somebody like that out there gives Robiskie or Massaquoi on the other side a lot more room, and frees up Josh Cribbs to play in the slot, which would be ideal for him. With those receivers and Peyton Hillis at running back, whenever they start playing again should be a breakout season for Colt McCoy.

Anyone else have high hopes going into this?

Things are getting really interesting. A judge yesterday ruled in favor of the players, and because of that, as of this morning, there is no lockout. The league has already appealed the decision, and it will be at least a few weeks before they get a ruling from the 8th circuit, but right now the pressing matter is whether the league will convince the judge to issue an injunction preventing the lockout from ending until the next ruling.

From the sounds of it, players will be allowed into the team facilities today, but the teams will most likely not allow them into the workout rooms or meet with the coaches for fear of liability. This is a big win for the players, though, as it gives them more leverage in the negotiations over the new CBA, which is the endgame of all this.

So does the Falcon's front office think that they really are just one player away from being a dynasty, or do they just enjoy taking it in the rear without any lube?

Overall though, quite an interesting day. I'm delighted that Jordan didn't go to New England (no conflict of interest for me there!), and as someone who lives in the Bay Area I'm amused at the gnashing of teeth in SF at the loss of Peterson and Jones. Also, is it sad that I'm not surprised at how the Bears managed to screw the pooch so publicly?

I don't know what the Falcons front office was thinking, but I love them for it. I was not sold on Julio Jones, and I'd definitely take the 5 picks the Browns got for him instead.

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