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Breaking Bad: Neon/10

I've wanted to get into this series for awhile now, and Target had season one on sale for $20.  The down side is that season one is a whopping seven episodes. :(

Anyway, this series is something different.  There's a lot of "down time", but you're always waiting for the next thing to happen.  Highly recommended.

I don't really watch TV much. The last show I was interested in was Charmed. I would give the series a 8/10.

The Shield: 10/10

From beginning to end this series had me. Season 6 was a little toned down due to it being one season stretched out to 2, but Season 7 was a ride all the way till the very end. I have not recommended any show more than this one. Was the Best show on Network television .(period)

The Wire: 8.5/10

When this show was good, it was great, but it wasn't always good. Lots of people compare it to The Sheild, but they are very different shows and the only thing they have in common is that they involve cops, politicians, drugs & their dealers. The tone and atmosphere of the shows are on 2 different planes. s1 was a good set up, but it's really slow, all character development and always leaving wondering where all the action was. by s3 the show was speeding uphill with no signs of slowing down all the way through s4. s5 wrapped it up, but s3 & s4 were by far the strongest seasons.

Dead Like Me: 7/10

Only lasted 2 seasons but was entertaining for what it was. Grim Reapers releasing souls before tragedy strikes. I would have watched a 3rd season, but unfortunately I didn't discover this show till long after it had been cancelled.

Jericho: 7/10

Post Apocalyptic America. Surviving in a small town with no idea whats going on in the rest of the country. 1st half of the 1st season was slow as they were doing the character building, but the 2nd half of the 1st season is where things really got interesting. I immediately jumped into the 2nd season, but it was only a few episodes long, which was too bad because the 2nd season was excellent from episode 1 till the end.

Arrested Development: 9/10

No show that I have watched has ever had so much self referencing humor. Lots of the jokes were subtle but always very funny. The Bluth family was definitely an interesting bunch and it sucks that this show came on FOX and didn't get all the support it needed. If you like comedy, you should rent/buy this show and watch it.

Chuck: 8/10

Very very entertaining show. A boy becomes an entire government intelligence computer and get protection to continue to attempt to live his normal life working at the Buy More(best buy). I marathoned though s1 and couldn't get enough. I also marathoned through s2 where I sit waiting to see how s3 turns out. This is a really fun show that deserves all the viewership that it can find, so I hope you all catch up and start watching this fall when s3 starts.

Heh, I thought Jericho kind of fell apart during Season 2. And what's with the giant cliffhanger? The producers knew they weren't being renewed. And Arrested Development is one of TV's greatest shows.

Me? I'm in the middle of the second season of Pushing Daisies. I loved the first season, but the second season isn't as good. Kind of like House, M.D. in that when they try to mess with the established formula, it's not as good. Still has excellent writing, aethetic appeal, and Kristin Chenoweth, but it's just not the same. Still good, just not...AS good.

Also, Chenoweth sings a song in every other episode. That must've gotten written into her contract, because it doesn't make ANY sense when she sings.

I think Jericho was hoping for a save the show internet campaign that kind of worked for Arrested Development.

True Blood: 9/10 (and climbing)

So far this show is great. The 1st few episodes of s1 might be a little slow, but you gotta get to know the characters and whats going on. Once you get past that, it's sex, blood and WTF!? s1 supposedly follows the book very closely, but s2 takes it's own liberties from what I've been reading. In this one Vampire reveal themselves to the Human world and hope to co-habitate peacefully, but as usual with there are alot of problems that get in the way of that. This show is currently the best show airing on any channel on TV at the moment. 3 episodes left in s2 so you better subscribe to HBO and get caught up.

Eureka: 8/10

One of my favorite shows and the only show I watch on the SyFy channel. Takes place in Eureka, CA, a place that seems to be a normal small town at first glance, but is really the front for the U.S.'s most tech savvy secret base. So many weird & crazy experiments going on here that you never know what tomorrow today is gonna bring. Another fun show that doesn't take itself too seriously but is grounded in what appears to be actual theoretical scientific study.

Dexter: 9.5/10

A serial killing cop who hunts murderous criminals that seems to have escaped the law.... ironic right? But one of the best shows on television without debate.
A man with a moral code of conduct, A vigilante with a flare for unlawful justice. A forensic blood splatter analysis with a love & lust for blood. There is no one out there as flawed as Dexter who can do wha he does and still manage to hold it all together. All 3 seasons of this show is good & s4 is sounding like it could be one of the best ones yet. It's on Showtime so you better get you subscription before the new season starts.

Burn Notice: 8/10

The 3rd hit in the USA triple threat (Monk & Psych). Whats it like to be a US Spy that been burned(blacklisted)? That's what Michael Westin is finding out in this action show from USA. It's kinda like MacGuyver meets Miami and even co-stars Bruce Campbell as the side-kick goto guy Sam. Every episode has its fair share of action as Michael usually takes on clients(to help them solve problems) while he searches for who burned him and why. Very entertaining.


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