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Holy Crap! *New Tech/Gadget Thread*

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Ever hear about or read up on some cool new technology or gadgets, and just think "holy crap, that's cool!"?

Well I do, and even if I'm not the most tech savvy person, I can appreciate how fast it evolves, and benefits our lives.

As usual, I just happened to stumble upon an interesting article that relates to some cool "new*" tech and felt like sharing it.
Looks like Nokia is working on making cell phones that use ambient radio waves to recharge themselves. Now, how cool is that? Sure it might not be the most ground breaking thing ever, but c'mon! How many times have you been stuck in that situation; your phone is in the red and you're waiting for that one important call/text/email and worried you'll never get it.

They're predicting that the energy that can be collected wirelessly won't be enough to fully recharge a phone but enough to keep a your phone from turning off. So unless you're stuck in a subway tunnel, basement garage or a mine (lol) you have all this perpetual energy for your phone (when in standby). Eventually tech like this will make it into all portables and its pretty exciting, to me personally. Imagine your iPods and DS's gradually gaining a lil bit of juice when not in use, and not worry about having to remember your car charges for those short trips, etc.

*I use quotes, by the way, because I know there has been a thread of similar discussion (wireless electricity) but besides not being able to find it, I hope this can become the standard thread to just mouth off about any cool new gadgets you all come across. It will keep things nice and neat if updated constantly with all your findings, and it'd be interesting to see how in a few years from now (if the thread keeps going) just how much has been achieved and what sort of new announcements are made in the technological world.

Mop it up:

--- Quote from: EasyCure on June 17, 2009, 09:12:39 AM ---Ever hear about or read up on some cool new technology or gadgets, and just think "holy crap, that's cool!"?

--- End quote ---
Actually no, I haven't.

Not even when Nintendo announced the Ultra 64?

Mop it up:
Nope. I never heard of the Nintendo 64 until my friend rented one. I never heard about it before trying it and I never read up about it.

I'm a technology nut as well. I find bleeding edge innovation to be fascinating. These days, there is something new to be seen everyday.

I've read the Nokia article and I think it's moving in the right direction. I, however, think it would be way more useful if someone could come up with a way to harness sound waves rather than radio waves.

But I'm more interested in this:

A long-lasting, quickly-charged, super battery could make this budding technology even more useful.


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