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Meant to post this earlier but I also expected to comment in the thread earlier first as well. In any case, both are now done just later than expect. For today's topic, I am throwing the spotlight once again on the Best of the Wii U series and the current entry of GBA games on the Wii U eShop. I know Part 2 is coming tomorrow (and be prepared for a lot M games with Mario and Mega Man) but there's still a lot to delve into with Part 1. There's a lot to delve into with the batch of games up for discussion and I know I've got more to say on it yet. Maybe some of you have thoughts on these games and have been meaning to get around to posting them so here's a reminder on that topic to do so.

Huh. Wow. I completely forgot about Topic of the Day for the weekend. Despite even checking on the boards, it never hit me that I hadn't posted anything. Sadly, I have a feeling not many may have noticed that either. In any case, before I forget it again for today, I'm going to go with Joshua Robin's topic on why we can't have nice things Nintendo Directs, er, I mean, the argument against general directs. Almost a decade since they began and we are still discussing this method of delivery. Why you also so controversial, Nintendo? Well, at least that makes for plenty Topics of the Day!

Today's topic is a feature that you may have glossed over or forgotten about. Five Zelda Games We'd Like Nintendo to Revisit. I think the takeaway here for all the people complaining about Skyward Sword coming to the Switch is that it is Justin Berube and John Rairdin's fault. See what other games Nintendo will be releasing this year for the 35th Anniversary because they told Nintendo it's what we want to play again.

Today's topic is more promotion for the Best of the Wii U series. In Part 2 of the GBA VC, we hit a lot of Mario and Mega Man games. Popular characters that you'd think would result in more discussion but its been kind of muted so far. Maybe these game have been talked about too much already on these forums? Not sure but I'm always interested in the takeaways from the other posters here on what their opinion is regarding all manner of games so here's hoping a few more insights can be given on these titles. Topic of the day!

It seems the news of the day is about... Sony?!?! With the news that they will be shutting down their Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and the lackluster State of Play presentation that happened today, there's been a lot of talk on the NWR Discord about the news and a bit posted here on the forums about it as well. So, I guess that's as good a reason as any to make it Topic of the Day!


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