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--- Quote from: UncleBob on October 31, 2009, 07:22:49 PM ---Just a little something about my moderation style - unless the post is something obviously offensive (say, nude photos, tub girl, spam, etc.) - I won't consider taking any kind of action on it unless it is reported.  So, don't complain to me about posts you feel warranted "punishment" unless you reported them.  Even then, still don't complain to me. ;)

--- End quote ---

So we report to you but complain to Vudu? Sounds like a good way to share the burden of moderation.

You are staff. You provide a service. If you fail to provide a service, i complain until my increasingly unreasonable demands are satisfied along with an apology for failing to meet them in the first place.


You can complain to me.  But then, I'll ban you for complaining. ;)

can you ban him for going to your wal*mart and complaining about you there?

So it has come to my attention that my custom title has been changed slightly. Please someone change it back to what it was.


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