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Episode 298 - Jumbo Baby
« on: Yesterday at 02:01:02 PM »

The whole gangs here and ready to dive into some good ol fashioned vidgya game discussion. This week we take a look at Fantasy Life, Cotton Fantasy and is it the first time Alex doesn't have a game to talk about or is he gonna flippity flop on us?!

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This week: An extremely normal podcast.

We got Perry back, which as we all can agree has its share of pros and cons (jk). Thankfully, he brought with him some cool games to talk about this week! After some Taco Bell Mexican Pizza discussion, Casey comes out of the gate with Fantasy Life thoughts! Perry, meanwhile, reports to us with Cotton Fantasy (a "cute-em-up") as well as Indie World Showcase game Mini Motorways. Finally, Alex brought in some early takes on House Flipper. Cool little zen game!

After the Grand Theft Auto IV music break, we end the show with eShop Roundup as well as a Poll Time we recommend with confidence. When did you last play your favorite game, and how has it held up?

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