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Konami's neglect

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The Omen:
  I am so fed up with Konami.  Crap game after crap game, and i'm not even including the Disney games. There was supposed to be games coming from Konami mobile 21, but have they even made 1 game yet?  I say no GBA games unless they provide the GC with some good titles.  Like a Castlevania, for instance.

Konami has confirmed that they are making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game that will be released for Gamecube.  I'm actually excited about it.  TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project, was one of my favorite NES games, and I'm glad Konami is bringing the franchise back.

Nintendo should tell Konami that it won't let it publish 21430 GBA games a week in Japan if it doesn't get some GameCube leverage.  I don't understand why Nintendo allows Konami to put out so many GBA games without a hint of care towards the publisher's GC efforts.

This is one of the areas I hope Iwata is taking into consideration as he's doing his president thing in Japan.

Just remember that it isnt konami responsible for the disney games. A few years back, nintendo did a deal to bring disney games to its consoles and gave the job to rare (mickeys speedway) but now with rare gone it gave the job to konami instead. Im sure theyll announce at least one AAA game at E3 and these disney games let them get to grips with the hardware i suppose.

I have given up on konami i suggest everyone else do the same!


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