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Official NFL Discussion: If You Only Count The Legal Points, KC Wins

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It's definitely interesting to see just how committed they are to improving their defense. Considering how porous they are on that side of the ball, I guess I can't fault them too much. Of course, they're just as bad on offense, so...

Ah well, no one ever said fixing Buffalo wouldn't take a few years!

I'm very happy with the picks the Browns got from the Falcons, and that's without the big one, the 1st round next year. Both Little and Marecic have huge upside and excellent intangibles, and that's exactly the type of player you want to draft. I'm loving year two of Mike Holmgren.

There definitely seems to be some improvement in Cleveland, that's for sure. And by the same token, Atlanta might soon be in decline; I still can't believe they put all their eggs in one basket...

In more local (for me) news, the Raiders have shockingly regressed from their last draft class, and gone with speed for most of their picks. They got five of the ten fastest 40 times. Al Davis seems to cling to his philosophy that it doesn't matter if a player is any good, as long as he's able to outrun the bottles thrown at him by pissed off fans!

Alright, so hopefully now that all that nonsense about splitting a couple of billion is out of the way, I'm once again psyched about football, notwithstanding that the product is probably going to be really crappy this year. 

And while it's only been one day of FA, I'm unsurprised to see that the Bay Area teams are already trending downwards. Whoever thought Alex Smith should get $5 million for one year is either really high, or just desperate to reach the new salary floor. And from the rumblings about Gore, it sounds like some of his teammates are going to try to cash out too... And the Raiders will probably see any FA with an ounce of talent flee the sinking ship.  Looking forward to the new season!

Ian Sane:
The Seahawks have parted ways with Matt Hasselbeck.  His career is more or less done so I'm not upset about it though it will be weird seeing him on a different team.  Last season we made the playoffs on a losing record, due entirely to the technicality that each division winner is included.  Then we had the miracle playoff victory against the Saints that pretty much made the whole season worth watching by itself.  While the NFC West still looks pretty bad, I don't know if we can get in on the "least sucky team" ticket again.  It went down to the last game of the season to beat St. Louis for the division and they have Sam Bradford, who I think is only going to get better.  The Seahawks in comparison don't seem like a clearly better team than last year.  At best, they'll probably do no worse.  Right now I think the Rams are the future of the division.

But even if the Seahawks play like the Suh-hucks I enjoy the NFL so much that it doesn't really matter.  I usually spend all Sunday watching games regardless of the teams involved.  I'm just thrilled the lockout didn't cost us any games.

Though I got to say lol to the Niners keeping Alex Smith.  All last season, all I hear (and observe) is how much this guy sucks and how the fans hate him...  and the 49ers decides to resign him?!


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