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Official NFL Discussion: If You Only Count The Legal Points, KC Wins

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I read he had issues with the team not just the coach. Like he had trouble "trusting" the team. I imagine it was make a good trade for him or lose him on worse terms.

Ian Sane:
So last night was kind of my Superbowl.  With the Seahawks clearly in a rebuild mode I was fearing the worst and figured we would be "contending" for the number one pick.

And we probably still are but with the win last night the worst case scenarios have been averted!

1. We beat Russell Wilson in his first game as a Bronco, thus shutting up any talk about Wilson showing up his former team.  He didn't get to rub our face in it and we got a little bit of revenge for him wanting out.  This was the one Seahawks game that the general NFL viewer was interested in all season and we won!

2. Having had the first win of the season already under our belts, we can't go 0-17.  That's the ultimate fear when a team doesn't look like in can contend - the winless season.  Can't do it now.  Nice to have that off our back so soon rather than when you're 0-8 and thinking "will we win a game this year?"

Now the margin of victory was literally 1 point and frankly it took some extremely convenient goal line fumbles and some ridiculously incompetent decisions from the new Denver coach but a win is a win.  I don't think we're making the playoffs but they gave me good moment at the start of the season.

I missed the game last night, but the comments on it confused me. Did the Broncos really have all their timeouts on that final drive? Did they really run the clock down to 20 seconds at the end? What was the point of that? If you miss, the other team will kneel. Why not put your $200M QB to work on getting your kicker a better chance at winning the game?

I understand being new at your job, but that seemed more like incompetence than inexperience.


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