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General Chat / Re: Hockey Discussion
« on: November 29, 2010, 08:37:54 AM »
hello people, i follow the oilers and by oilers i mean the edmonton oilers.  i also follow the okc barons of the ahl as much as i can...   the barons games i've listened to this season have been very enjoyable.  the oilers, well, not as much.   

i am a philadelphian and do enjoy the flyers but since i am a direct tv subscriber i do not get to enjoy them visually because we do not get comcast sportsnet philly.   D* and comcast do not get along because of D* having nfl sunday ticket and comcast not having access to that service(see comcast terrestrial loophole for more info)..... shame really but it is in fact my reality so i choose to follow another team and have done so for about four years now.  i'm more or less new to following hockey i must add...  i write more or less because being a philadelphian it's truely hard to escape sports because they are everywhere....oddly enough i remember crying back in 1987 after the flyers lost game seven against the oilers.  hah, i believe i was in third grade if i remember correctly.   how was i supposed to understand that the flyers just lost to one of the greatest hockey squads of all time? 

this looks like a ton of fun. 

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter Thwii
« on: April 19, 2010, 06:22:50 PM »
hello all!  going to be picking this game up tomorrow and decided to join the forums in hopes of finding some people to play with.  happy hunting....  my name is chris by the way.

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