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Mafia 82: Resident Evil Endgame thoughts and wrapup thread.

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My strategy as Killer was to hope for no suspicion and continue to rack kills while hoping maybe someone would try and reach out to me to team up.  Khush's early days accusation meant I had to take him out quick so he couldn't build a body of evidence against me, which he's fairly adept at doing.  I also was truly on business travel the first few days, which didn't help me from looking suspiscious.

Why wasn't I targeted afterward?  Maybe those left didn't think to suspect me.  Maybe the chaos inherent in the game made people hesitant to follow their leads.  I didn't turn into a mafia til the later hours of the game, and that point I felt fairly boxed-in because of conversations I had with Steefo while trying to maintain a shred of innocence.  Him & MASB already had a good thread of who was likely Mafia, which trapped me into making any real moves that'd help, and my last hit got blocked at the end. 

Good game, fun game, neat twist on the format that definitely messed with conventions.  Thanks for hosting, Beautifulshy!

So here is my main thought on the g virus and my intentions with it.   Everyone aside from normal townies had 2 roles and could use those roles to gather information in some way either by investigations, neopolitan search, Gunsmith/Follower, watcher and just the killing roles in general was to get as much info into players hands as possible so you could use it later if need be.

So with the G virus I was thinking players could use the info they gathered from before death to inform their new teammates and themselves to further the game in their direction. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn't but that was my main intent with the G virus. The other thing I was intending was if someone was cured of the G virus before they died they could point to that as activity and could live longer.   The cure for the G virus was send me 10 PMs throughout the game before they died. I also included Discord messages in that total but aside from a few early PMs from Steefasaurus and Nickmitch no one really messaged me until they were voted out/killed and then resirected by the G virus. MASB sent me the most messages and they were very interested in the lore of the series and how that might be how the viruses worked. It was all very interesting to them.


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--- Quote from: nickmitch on October 22, 2019, 08:19:24 PM ---I also would never trust Khush. That's Mafia 101.

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You and a lot of other players need to go back to Mafia school and revise your curriculum. It's hurting your game.  ;)  8)

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I got pretty far on that one! If it wasn't for a lucky guess, I would've won it.

Bumping this to ask a question of folks.  In this topic it was discussed that townies don't get any abilities so I am looking to change that. Resident Evil has all sorts of items in the game and I was thinking of  having the townies only having items each day.  Question is do I make it so they have to use the item the day they get the item or can they hold on to the item until they use that item but doesn't get any new items unless they use the item?     Also should I give roled and Mafia players items so players can't single out a players item useage as being a normal townie?       


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