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Baba Is You is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. So, there's that.


--- Quote from: Evan_B on August 18, 2021, 02:32:30 PM ---Baba Is You is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. So, there's that.

--- End quote ---

Most persuasive review I've seen for this game so far. Good to know.

Back when I was making up this list of games, I had thought about Civilization 6 but passed on it since I found out there was a version called CIV 6 Anthology which was the complete package. It had all the DLC that had been released for the game along with the original base version. However, I only saw it listed for PC / Steam. Even with the sales the game and its DLC would get on the eShop, it would still be cheaper to get the Anthology version over all the other parts at their lowest price on sale. Plus, I've always played Civ on a computer and wasn't sure what it would be like having to use a controller instead of mouse and keyboard so I left it off my list.

However, I see that the eShop now does have the Anthology version and it is on sale for half off. A real humdinger of a deal. (This is why you wait to buy games to see if you can get a complete package down the road.) I'm really leaning towards getting it now but just wondering if there are any users out there who have it and what they might think of playing it on a console versus PC. Is there a control method that's more preferable? Do you wish you had got it for the Switch or PC depending on the version you own? Any feedback at all on the game that you'd want to make?


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