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--- Quote from: nickmitch on June 29, 2021, 06:36:03 PM ---The Famicom Detective Club games are good too, and also very short. I beat one in only a few hours and I think James said on the podcast they were like 8 hours long. I’m partway through the second one, and they’re both neat little stories that I think are enjoyable. However, the biggest thing for me was that they scratched the Ace Attorney itch for me since it’s been so long since I played one of those. But if you get The Great Ace Attorney when it comes out, it could satiate that need for you.

For Fitness Boxing, I would recommend the sequel over the original because of the slight changes they made. You're not gonna miss anything from not playing the first game unless the song list is that important to you. Also, the demos are pretty ok. The initial workouts are not too intense, and that's what you get in the demo. So it doesn't give a full picture of what you can expect from the full game.

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Good advice. I'll keep the 2nd one in mind then. Never thought about the songs with the game so I'll have to see if that would make any difference.

I'm probably not going to acquire the Ace Attorney game when it comes out because Capcom will eventually put those things on sale for 50% - 60% if one goes by their past history of the AA games on 3DS and now eShop. That said, I'd be more willing to pay full price for that package then Nintendo's Famicom Detective Club offerings. The Great Ace Attorney is two full AA games and those things can take hours and hours based on how AA5 and AA6 went being sold at $50.00 CDN. Meanwhile, Nintendo is offering both FDC games at $80 and from everything I've been seeing on them, they don't take that long to complete or aren't very long. My guess is that one could probably go through both FDC games before they'd complete one of the Ace Attorney games. I don't normally care that much about what level a publisher sets the price of their game but this is one of the few instances where I feel Nintendo has way overvalued the worth of the product and is probably sabotaging the amount of sales this could be getting. I have to think at some point there will be some a further drop in price or sale on the titles but will people be as interested in the games as they may have been when they were first released and with better options available? Nintendo doesn't seem to want to do much of a sale beyond 30% but this is one case where I think they should think about going down to 50%. We'll see who wins out in this battle for a sale.

I also think it's hard for games to scratch the Ace Attorney itch well. I've played a couple things like A Case of Distrust and Murder By Numbers and other visual novel mysteries just don't seem to get the job done. That push and pull of questioning people and looking for the lies or new questions that come from testimony just hits a real sweet spot and sometimes you are as much in the dark as the attorney trying to figure out what it all amounts to. I haven't found anything yet that comes close.


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on June 29, 2021, 12:09:02 PM ---Bug Fables hits Gamepass in a few days so I'll probably play it there.

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If you do get into then I look forward to your thoughts on it. My hesitation with it is that, while I know it is based on the Paper Mario RPG style with the flat characters and battle system, I don't see anything to suggest the humor those games have. It looks more serious but that also makes it look a bit more dull especially when I haven't seen anything in the screenshots or trailer that wowed me with the areas you seem to travel and explore in.

If other games aren't scratching the itch, then FDC won't either. And yeah, if game length is a big factor then you might want to steer clear until a deal shows up. I think the price has the voice acting budget caked in, but it's really not valuable for someone who doesn't speak Japanese.

Wowzers, that's a long list. What makes Sonic Forces interesting to you? I got the impression it was a deeply sub-par game, even amongst the spotty 3D Sonic games catalogue. Seems like the upcoming Sonic Colors Ultimate is a lot more liked.

Things I have thoughts on:

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on June 28, 2021, 05:53:28 PM ---The Touryst
Daemon X Machina
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Monster Hunter Stories 2
Baba is You
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Moon (PS1 RPG)
Bravely Default 2
Balan Wonderworld

--- End quote ---

So, a bunch of these have demos, which would be an obvious starting point. Goes for Monster Hunter Stories 2, Bravely Default 2, The Touryst, Daemon X Machina, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and possibly Balan Wonderland too if they didn't remove it.
Also amusing you're interested in both Fall Guys and Party Animals, when both seem near-identical.

Regarding the Final Fantasies, the Switch ports include a lot of speed-ups which are sorely needed. I think both are interesting games, with 9 being the safer but also vastly better of the two. Based on your interest in classic film, I'm going to assume you likely have a fondness for stage plays too, and FF9 is cribbing a lot from Shakespeare.
I've complained about FF8 before, and while I do prefer that game's setting and general design, it's really messy. The story is a convoluted pile of twists, its mechanics are deeply opaque, and the most fun way to play genuinely appears to be to utterly break the game by eliminating combat ASAP and never leveling your characters up at all. Bookmark a good GameFAQ if you proceed.

One I would strike from the list: Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity is just not a very good game. It wears the skin of BOTW, but its story is not at all what the marketing promises, the gameplay gets very dull very quick, and the one interesting idea it introduces (playable Divine Beasts) almost feels like the creators fundamentally misunderstood what they are meant to represent.
I bought this on the back of loving BOTW, and left feeling like I should've just watched all the (admittedly well done) cut-scenes on Youtube. This has no reason to exist besides money, I would sooner replay Mario Tennis Ultra Smash or NSMBU than this.

The pairing of Moon and Undertale feels very natural. Just keep in mind how truly small the scope of Undertale is. Its reputation casts such a wide shadow you may think "wait, is this all?" Even Earthbound seems like it has grander ambitions.

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on June 28, 2021, 05:53:47 PM ---For instance, Baba Is You is a game that seems to have been highly praised. It got a 9/10 here. I even saw some video of some type of game awards or recognition being done in Japan where Sakurai was the presenter and he talked about and praised the game. The problem is when I see images of the game, it just looks dull, low budget and almost too abstract or stark for its visuals and world. That element is stronger or at least counters the knowledge I have of the critical reception that leaves me undecided on it.

--- End quote ---

Haven't tried this either for similar reasons. I'm also expecting this to be the type of game I'm not smart enough for. It's possible a lot of its praise might stem from being quite different, and presenting a new way to play with the form. I hope to try it one day.


--- Quote from: Discord.RSS on June 30, 2021, 02:07:58 PM ---Wowzers, that's a long list. What makes Sonic Forces interesting to you? I got the impression it was a deeply sub-par game, even amongst the spotty 3D Sonic games catalogue. Seems like the upcoming Sonic Colors Ultimate is a lot more liked.

--- End quote ---

When it comes to me and Sonic games, Brokeback Mountain put it best with its line of “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

During the GameCube era was when I had my real exposure to Sonic. I had played the first game briefly here and there when at a friend’s house and another friend had a Game Gear and I completed that version of Sonic the Hedgehog over a few visits. But with the GameCube is when I finally purchased and played Sonic games of my own. I got all the A ranks in Sonic Adventure 2, all the A ranks in Sonic Adventure DX, I played through and almost completed all of Sonic Heroes. I know the games are wonky and mediocre at times. And yet, and yet, and yet….. somehow the games find ways to overcome those flaws and I find myself really liking or enjoying stuff in them. Despite the sometimes cheesy attempts of making Sonic a cool and rad dude, somehow Sega still does deliver moments that work.

Earlier the topic of Crash Bandicoot’s slid into mediocrity was brought up. Despite Sonic’s slide into it, he still remains a top popular mascot thanks to the other media iterations of the character and the games still sell. I think the difference is that despite various elements that people can complain about or point out as flawed in these games, there are still parts that are enjoyed or do come together. There’s just a different weird flavor to Sonic, and by extension Sega, games that you don’t get anywhere else. Even though the attitude and design of the games may hit as much as it also misses the mark, it has been successful enough to somehow keep me coming back for more.

I also keep buying them too because they often end up quite cheap which is now the case with Sonic Forces. For $10 - $15 bucks, I don’t really feel like it’s any big expense to buy these games. And with Sonic Forces, you can design your own character and thus allowing you to dip your toe in the world of furries and see what that’s all about.


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