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I recently scoured through all the titles listed as available for Switch or coming to it either physically or digitally and made a list of all the games that interested me or line up with my taste in some way. I created this list as a sort of buyer's guide for me for the titles I plan to watch out for and possible sales or deals that may come up for them.

(Obviously, titles I already own aren't on it so don't be shocked that I seemingly show no interest in something like Super Mario Odyssey or Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition because I don't mention them. Forget about what's not on here as it's only the stuff listed I want to hear more about.)

Let's get to the list:

Most Wanted
Mario Party Superstars
Paper Mario: Origami King
Metroid Prime 4
Kirby and the Forgotten City
Breath of the Wild 2

Will Likely Also Purchase At Some Point
Mario Golf: Super Rush
WarioWare: Get It Together
XC2 - Torna: The Golden Country
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Pokemon Shield
Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
Sonic Forces
New Pokemon Snap
Baba is You
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Leaning Towards Getting
Fall Guys
Famicom Detective Club
Shinsekai: Into the Depths
The Touryst
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Super Mario 3D World & Bowser's Fury
AI: The Somnium Files
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Monster Hunter Stories 2

Intrigued But Undecided
Fitness Boxing 2
Two Point Hospital
Two Point Campus
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Danganronpa Decadence
Moon (PS1 RPG)
Party Animals
A Hat in Time
Stardew Valley
Bravely Default 2

Low Concern
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Balan Wonderworld
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania
Golf Story
The Stretchers
Yoku's Island Express
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
Panzer Dragoon Remake

I've ordered this list by different levels. Most Wanted are games I will be buying for the Switch no matter what the reviews are and may likely buy at full price. Will Likely Purchase likewise falls under that same feeling except I am willing to wait for a deal to acquire those titles.

Leaning Towards Getting are games that are on a precipice. It's like I'm close to adding them to my must buy list but they just don't have the hype or perhaps the familiarity I have with the earlier titles listed that I'm likely to buy. Intrigued But Undecided are games that have an element or two that have caught my attention and but them on my radar but I also question whether I'd actually care for them much or have elements that also work against it. For instance, Baba Is You is a game that seems to have been highly praised. It got a 9/10 here. I even saw some video of some type of game awards or recognition being done in Japan where Sakurai was the presenter and he talked about and praised the game. The problem is when I see images of the game, it just looks dull, low budget and almost too abstract or stark for its visuals and world. That element is stronger or at least counters the knowledge I have of the critical reception that leaves me undecided on it.

As for Low Concern, these are games that got my attention at some point because they had some favorable reviews or has some elements that intrigued me but time passed and the hype went away and other titles came along that were more desired. If I never end up getting them, I don't think I'll have any regret about it since they never motivated me enough to get them up to this point in time. And yet, I haven't been able to quite close the door on such a possibility because of whatever initial spark of interest they had still leaves a shadow in my memory that I keep them in mind when making a list like this.

So, what is the point of this whole list? Well, it is the fact that the community and users here do have some influence on me and I find that different perspective helpful as well in considering what games I might seek out. For instance, Moon is a title I have in my Intrigued But Undecided section. It's there because pokepal148 started making such a big deal about it on Discord that I looked it up and checked it out yet. What I saw sparked my interest some more on the title. Yet, I'm not sure my tastes always line up with pokepal's. However, if other users here also have some favorable things to say or can give some reasons as to why it's worth playing then that may decide the matter for me as to whether it would go up my list to perhaps Likely To Buy (or maybe even Most Wanted if the pitch is good enough) or perhaps off the list altogether if there are negative reasons given as to why it should be skipped or avoided. Perhaps even games in the higher slots will drop down or come off altogether depending on how others feel.

Basically, if you've got some perspective on titles listed here and want to share it, I'd love to hear it and get more insight from those who may have played it or made some decision about whether they would or wouldn't get these games as well. And while I mentioned ignoring what's not on here, if you do want to throw out the names or titles of some games you really liked and want to recommend then go ahead. I'll still hear your unsolicited opinion anyways.  ;)  Or if you have a list of your own regarding some titles you've been on the fence about then here's a thread to post them and see what others have to say as well.

Definitely get Moon. It's incredible. I review it for The Thirsty Mage and came incredibly close to giving ot a 10. It just clicked so well with me.

Stardew Valley is really good also. I recommend it on PC because of mod support but that game is just a really good farm simulation game.

Bug Fables hits Gamepass in a few days so I'll probably play it there.

I cannot recommend the Crash N-sane trilogy unless you have some sort of nostalgia for the originals. The Spyro Trilogy on the other hand is really good outside of some incredibly minor issues with the third game which was handled by a different developer.

But Moon and Undertale are incredibly difficult to talk about without spoiling what makes those games special. There's this kind of trend that's existed in gaming pretty much forever of these subversive games that defy or subvert the expectations of a given genre while offering some kind of unique experience that you aren't likely to find anywhere else and I've kind of realized that this is 100% my jam and have started to actively seek them out.

Daemon X Machina just runs poorly on Switch. I can't recommend it unless you're hardcore into mech games or it gets salvaged by the Switch Pro.

Any Shantae title, even the lesser ones in that franchise, deserve to be at or near the top of your list. It's not just because they're solid games, but also because as mostly level-based 2D action action-platformers with a spiritual home on Handhelds, they're TRULY pick-up-and-play because you get to the gameplay fun so quick, can knock out distinct levels or areas in the game without too much time commitment before putting it down again, and you will make steady progress towards the end which you WILL see because it's not some distant 40-70 hour goal.

I'm not saying they're all 10/10 games by any stretch, but especially when one has a busy life and immense backlogs simple straight-to-gameplay and complete-able games like Shantae actually HELP YOU to play videogames instead of giving you analysis paralysis or making you trudge through a 1 hour tutorial just to saddle you with 40+ hours of game ahead of you before you can cross it off your list.


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