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We are always talking about what we want to see come out, but would be fun to have a discussion of the opposite. What games do we NOT want to see announced. There can be various reasons for this as well. Maybe a series has wrapped up its story and like a good TV show, needs to wind down to end of a good note, or maybe you feel the series gets recognition it doesn't deserve and resources should go to something better. Or maybe you don't have faith a current dev team in existence could ever do a sequel justice (Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross as an example of a sequel that didn't stick the landing).

I do not want another Mario Kart for a good while. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still a solid game that hits pretty much all of the MK notes a system installment needs. Sure, they could try something new to refresh the game/genre, but I'd rather see Nintendo focus on other great racing titles. F-Zero, Diddy Kong/Donkey Kong Racing, Excite Bike/Truck/Bots. There are plenty of ways Nintendo could scratch the racing itch while also meeting other needs on the system.

Another series I have no desire to see is another Golden Sun. I think aside from being a pretty demo of the GBA graphical capabilities it was a very basic and lackluster set of games. This is also borne out of me not wanting to see Issac or whoever from the series in Smash as there are more deserving games and series that deserve representation.

What about everyone else? What games do you NOT want to see sequels to? What is better off left in the past?

At my old age, I feel like I can very easily ignore a game I don’t want or need at the moment. Just because I don’t want something doesn’t mean someone else feels the same way. I wouldn’t want to take that away from someone else.

To play along, most Nintendo IPs from a plot perspective, or Metroid and Zelda. I live with the fact that Nintendo’s games do not exist to tell good stories though some do in spite of Nintendo. Just DON’T make me sit through a bad one. Nintendo is at its best when it sets the stage then gets out of the way. Even Breath of the Wild had too many cutscenes.

Also, remakes of good games. Why do companies remake good games? They’re already good. Remake the bad ones, and make them good.

Ian Sane:
There are lots of movies/books/TV shows where I feel the story concluded in a very satisfying way and there is no reason to go back to it.  The story is told, you told it well, leave on a high note.

But videogames are different because they're not just based on narrative.  Often videogame sequels are actually better because they refine the gameplay mechanics.  So when I think of how to make a sequel to a game I don't think primarily about the story but more about how the gameplay could be improved or expanded upon.

So in that sense something like Mario, where the story is irrelevant, can keep making sequels forever provided they still have good gameplay ideas.  If the gameplay gets stale and the level design becomes dull then you call it a day.

I don't want to see more DKC Returns games.  I just don't really like them.  Hard to describe why but I don't find them fun.  Also Retro Studios only releases one game at a time and I feel they're clearly talented so I would like them working on something a little more ambitious than a 2D platformer.

I also don't want to see more Metal Gear Solid games since they won't have Kojima and that series really is his baby and wouldn't be the same without him.

This is a really hard one to figure out. There's lots of games or franchises I don't have any particular positive feelings about, but to actually say that they should NOT come out and basically be restricted? That's a very high bar to meet to say that other people can't enjoy another game in that vein if that's what they're there for.

I guess maybe another Mother title? Itoi seems to be completely done with that series and I can't imagine going forward with it in light of its creator's refusal. Maybe way down the line it can be revived as another creator's vision, but right now it'd feel probably too much like disrespecting Itoi's wishes.

So I guess basically if a creator centrally important to a game's spirit says it's "done", then we shouldn't be trying to overrule them to exploit that IP against their wishes. Similar I guess to how Bill Watterson resolutely refuses that Calvin and Hobbes be used in mass licensed merchandising, we should 100% respect that.

I wouldn't want to play a game where the object is to put ghost peppers in your urethra. I'm not sure how you would turn that into a video game, but the idea of it is unpleasant.


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