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Tone and atmosphere in The Wonderful 101
« on: October 12, 2013, 01:10:26 AM »
Platinum are under the belief that they have created a masterwork. They are right.
I already talked about gameplay of W101, but i really wanted to write about story and atmosphere of the game in detail in a separate thread. Even then i still will refer to gameplay elements because of how neatly it's all interwoven into each other.

Story and characters:
Superficially, game reminds of both Kid Icarus: Uprising (cuhrazy cosmic scale) and Starfox (team of colourful characters guided through journey to defeat evil).

Wonderful 101 is both a saturday morning cartoon and an epic space saga. It's moralizing, but never talks down. It's stupid and it's serious. It's playful and sincere at the same time.
This is honestly the best game I have played since Bayonetta. In terms of story, it is leagues ahead of bayonetta, and has characters that actually develop. Plus, the story is simple, charming, and most importantly, funny.
I beat this game today.
This game... THIS GAME people!!
This game is absolutely amazing. Seriously. Games like this are the reason why i love Nintendo. I love over the top stuff so this is SO right up my alley.
I am NOT looking for realistic games or "cinematic" experiences when i play videogames. I want to play games like The Wonderful 101. Wacky, colorful, dosen't take itself serious. Yet the story is surprisingly deep.
So far, this is easily my GOTY!

Also, as a Superman fan, i loved characterization for Wonder-Red. What a great character.
Quote from: Riposte
Wonder Red is the best character in the game.
Wonder Red is Kamiya's best character across all of his games. So earnest and true. Really exemplifies the surprisingly wholesome nature of the game.

Green and Blue are pretty much "those two guys". Their humorous interactions are so prevalent throughout the game, they even made a special subtitle cutscene just for two of them.

And while Green is always nothing more than a funny guy by himself, Wonder-Blue actually undergoes biggest character development throughout the game, from douchey bro to total bro.

Most of the main and supporting cast constantly clash off each other with Red and Blue being the most important interaction. One of the most dramatic operations in the game feature just Red and Blue "smoothing" out things between them.

All the stupid accents and overall style of voice acting really bring the feeling of 80s cartoons back to life.


There is really no other way to express how you feel throughout the game except than use this gif:

Endless feeling of wonder and childish surprise.
Cymbal Head:
I don't know if a game has ever touched my inner child the way this one has.  On one level, I can appreciate the depth of the systems, recognize and contextualize the aesthetics (tokusatsu-meets-superhero-comic with a tilt-shift camera and diorama-like environments), and enjoy the varied encounter design.  But deep down, what's going on inside me looks more like this:  woah, it's that giant robot again!  oh man i think i'm gonna take him down this time!  team, unite up!  hey blue laser i can reflect that with my sword take this!  ha!  UNITE HAND! wonder-medicine can really handle himself with that gun stinger.  holy craplookout!!!!  YES!!!!!
I've taken to saying "roger" with the team when Wonder-Red gives the command to unite up.  The first time I did it, my wife looked up from her laptop and said, "did you really just say that with them?"  Well, of course I did.  I'm part of the team.  I'm number 101.
Two days ago I was asking myself if people would ever get tired of gaming. If everything had been done and what was the limit of what could be done.
Wonderful 101 is Kamiya slapping me in the face and asking me if I eat ****.
Mission ... is the best final level of any game ever.

Game is colourful and funny, but it's never afraid to remind you that you're at war and that people die. You will laugh at stupid joke Wonder Green made one moment and five minutes later you will pretend there is a speck in your eye during one of the drama bombs.

Wonderful 101 is the ultimate emotional rollercoaster very similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising. Throughout the game you will be feeling up and down like in a sine wave until the finale where it all combines into huge tangled lump of urgency, sadness, joy, frustration, laughter, redemption, awe, determination and hundred other feelings all rolled into one and then this throbbing mess explodes completely off the charts.
Spieler Eins:
There probably isn't enough antonio_banderas.gifs out there to honor the whole ending sequence.
Just finished it, played the whole night. I just couldn't stop.
I am speechless.
I am just glad this game was made in this day and age. I was litterally crying tears of joy in the grand finale. This game... i.. just. woah.
abstract alien:
I'm still feeling high off of the end game.  I know it probably sounds like a markish thing to say, but it really was worth the price of admission alone.  Best way I can describe it is that it's everything you could hope for, everything you didn't know you wanted, and everything it could have possibly been.    It's quite perfect, and really encompasses what makes gaming the special medium it is, though in a different way than other special titles.  It's possible that they have ruined action games for me the same way Super Metroid ruined 2D exploration in that I can play others and enjoy them, but it just won't be the same due to how perfect this has come together and achieved it's own potential.
What a bunch of evil genius bastards you all are, Platinum.

Gameplay and story both keep throwing new stuff at you and constantly keep upping the stakes until it all culminates in the grandiose explosion of the climax where everything gets down to the most basic goal of them all: SAVE THE WORLD. DESTROY EVIL. SAVE EVERYONE.

Music, cutscenes, gameplay and even QTEs don't get in a way of each other but all work together to create unparalleled sense of tension for the finale.
Nobody truly understands until the end. No matter how much you think you do, you have no idea. There are perfect finishes, and then there's The Wonderful 101.
Just beat the game.
I've never smoked a day in my life, but after all that I needed a cig like you wouldn't believe.
The last two Ops made me want to cry out of joy. They're beautiful.

Platinum Games can create feeling of empowerment through gameplay elements like no one else.

You don't feel badass, because you look badass. You don't feel badass because of some thing your character does in cutscene, without any participation from you.

No, gameplay makes you feel badass, because you are doing it. You just reflected a giant laser beam. You just took down giant robot. You just saved the entire world. You are playing the game.

There is no dissonance between gameplay and cutscenes and QTEs -- all parts are equally crazy and mindblowing. They all contribute toward the unique feeling of exhilaration and thrill of playing W101, like no other game managed before.
Finished! Done! Over! That was the most amazing exhilarating enthralling gripping thrilling furious turbulent impetuous ending ever. I'm at a loss for words!
My reaction for like 10mins nonstop because of pure epicness:

Kamiya you did it - you outperformed yourself ... you magnificent bastard!

The game and player are united in a beautiful waltz and you are leading. W101 is a patient partner and will never get annoyed no matter how many times you will step on her feet. Learning how to dance like that requires practice but it more than pays off in sense of empowerment, freedom and harmony with the game that you achieve in the wonderful dance of destruction. Once you master it.
Finished the game yesterday after playing for 5 hours straight. Damn, what a game. Blue was right: Mind blown. Things keep getting better and more over the top by the minute, but I loved everything about the game. I know some people mentioned they had troubles with the boss fights, I understand the feeling but nothing is impossible, you just have to be really concentrated and try to be calm, which is not that easy in the heat of the action. In some encounters it took me some time to figure out what to do, but when you figure it out, it's a "duh moment". Great game, great game.
I didn't think there was any chance in hell that Kamiya could do a better finale than he did in Bayonetta. I considered that the pinnacle as far as end-game encounters go.
I was wrong. Dead wrong. Kamiya completely outdid himself. I'm now convinced that this game is by far his masterpiece. It's insanely different and requires so much more of the player, but I don't think any game he's been behind has had the same amount of uniqueness and depth to it, as well as having such a colorful (lol) cast of characters and some moments of true witty writing, hilarious moments and heartwarming stories.
If anyone is on the fence merely because of the demo, they can't go wrong when getting this game. It is an experience of a lifetime.
By the end of the year when I revisit it again, I have a feeling I'll be convinced that it's going to sit there in my Top 5 Games of all time.
I didn't believe it either when people said [it's better than Bayonetta], and... well... when you see it, and take part in it, it makes Bayo's finale, itself already an orgy of gratuitously excessive awesome, look pretty tame in comparison.
I also agree that the game is better than Bayo, and Bayo is my #2 game of this generation. It does everything Kamiya's previous game did, including many of his others, and more.
It's just perfection.

Bosses are starting from gigantic and only get bigger and bigger and bigger still. And each time you can't help but think: "am i supposed to take down THIS?".

Then you realize: Yes, yes you are and you will.
Fucking hell, just finished it. Spectacular end boss, ending to the story and credits. Now that I've played all the way through this is going in my best games of all-time list at number 2, 2nd only to Elite. Has just nudged Football Manager (the original, not the one we see these days) into third place.
I don't think I'm going to play a game as good as this in a long time, this has to get a few honourable mentions at a few GOTY awards or there's absolutely no justice in the world.
I finished the game yesterday evening, the last boss fight was absolutely epic and hilarious at the same time.
Definitely my favorite title on WiiU, and one of my best gaming experiences this year despite some minor flaws.

Basic core beat'em'up gameplay is getting diversified throughout main campaign and it still keeps adding more stuff way after you finished your first playthrough. You're constantly getting new weapons and new moves. Your arsenal by the end of the game is absolutely staggering and the greatest thing is: you're just getting started.
Tyrant Rave:
Just finished this. Absolutely incredible game, I can't wait to see all of the hidden secrets and unlockables!
I loved all the references too, especially the Viewtiful Joe one at the end.
That ending was the most insane ending of a video game I've ever experienced. I don't think I've ever laughed like that while playing a game in ages (excluding Mario with the family).
So many things to unlock!
abstract alien:
Finally finished it.  My fucking God!  The amount of **** they managed to pull off in one section of a game had to have set a record.  Best action game ever, and by a good margin.

Every single system in the game starting from the most basic things like simply moving and running or jumping have additional element added to them that make the game incredibly deep and diverse.

You're not picking between hundreds of similar looking combos during each encounter (should i go "XXXY" or "XXXX" or maybe "XXX-pause-X"?).

You're making a choice between a dozen of completely different looking weapons that have completely different effects. You can string, combine and cancel all that arsenal in the most crazy ways. You make your own alien destroying salad mix, the way you like.
I finished the game 2 days ago... And I just loved it. I don't know why, but it just made me so... happy. I had a big smile on my face through the whole game (and it's actually super long for an action game).
Out of all the platinum games I've played (Bayonetta, Vanquish, MGR:R and now TW101), this was my favourite first playthrough.
Just finished this now. Unless GTA V tops it, this is my current GOTY. I loved Power Rangers growing up as a kid so this game really resonates with me. God damn, the gameplay is just so good and the pacing was crazy. And that Finale was out of this world. Kamiya really did it this time. I have NO idea how PG can top this with Bayonetta 2. I just can't. I thought they were gonna struggle to top Bayonetta and MGR but they really nailed it with this.
Just finished the game. ... exceptional game. I've played through Vanquish, Bayonetta, Madworld, and a bit of Metal Gear Revengeance, and I think this might be the most fun I've had with a game from this studio, and I loved my time with the aforementioned titles !

Just like story covers huge emotional spectrum (Kyle Rayner wishes he had that range), gameplay constantly keeps changing and constantly mutates through a row of genres.

Thankfully, P* learned from rather tedious bike and rocket segments in Bayonetta, and this time they put quite a lot of work into fleshing out additional gameplay sequences. There are some non-beat'em up segments that become delightful even before they starts -- when you realize tribute to WHAT this is...
I just finished Operation 5.....
If I ever get the chance to meet Kamiya in person I will awkwardly shake his hand for 5 minutes without letting go. This is some next level stuff. Truly truly incredible. The Nintendo references/homages are pitch perfect.
This is better than the finale of any other game I can think of and it's the halfway point. I have to stop for now because It's overwhelmingly good. Easily Platinum's best game so far.
If you have ANY interest in this game please drop everything you're doing and dive right in. Why is this not getting the recognition and visibility it deserves?
So I finally beat this last night, and man oh man what a ride it was. This is just a top-notch action game through and through. While the idiosyncratic controls might not be for everyone, they just feel absolutely perfect by the end of the game. I can't believe how fluid drawing the shapes becomes, and how many choices you have for how to approach the differing combat scenarios because of this system.
The pacing of the game is brilliant, and there is more variety in gameplay than you could even imagine looking at the game from the outside. Though I don't really care too much about game stories, I must say that this one comes together really nicely by the end, and feels like a perfect representation of a Sentai series in videogame form. The whole ending sequence really is just remarkable.
I love this game so much. It is a shining example of the creativity that can be applied to a well-established genre when a truly inspired director is allowed to stretch his wings. This is a must-play title and something that you can't ignore if you like action gaming.

Thanks for all NeoGaf posters whose post i stole to use in this thread. Have some more quotes that i couldn't fit into my text (i tried to hide this humongous wall of glory under some kinda of retractable spoiler but i couldn't find the code for it):

So... I finished it....
I...omg...this GAME!
It was too much for me, I cried. I hope new Wii U owner will have the chance to play it, and finish it!
Finished it! ...
That ending is SO GOOD!
Just finished the game. What a ride!
My game of the year so far. Love the game, love the thought Platinum put into this. Love the references, the humour, the characters, but most of all, the gameplay. Great game. Everyone should play this.
Just beat it, holy **** everything about that final operation was amazing.
I finished the game earlier this afternoon, holy hell I still need to gather my thoughts, what a ride that was.
I spent nearly an hour poking around the gallery, the attention to detail in this game is absolutely staggering.
Oh wow. That end-game.
I don't remember the last time I was so satisfied with a game ending.
And I know I'm just getting started with the game. I'm going to put in many more hours into this.
This is my GOTY. Yeah, I played Tlou, BI, Pikmin 3...
I finished it.
I cannot possibly describe into words how incredible the last 2 hours of the game is. The humongous scale of it puts most other games to shame. Nothing comes close it it.
Maybe except other Platinum Games (I love you, Revengeance.)
Just finished the game - nothing could have prepared me for that finale. Minblowing. Never seen anything this insane in a game. The crazy serial escalation and sheer absurdity made me think of Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.
So yeah, I love this game. Fun, funny, imaginative and deep, with tons of content and incredible attention to detail.
Completed it. Man, what a great ride it is.
The controls take a few moments to click, but man when it does, it's amazing. It's fun and challenging to boot. I love the amount of Nintendo references in the game...
One of the funnest game I've played this year, handsdown
Having just finished this all I can say is....Wonderful. The entire end sequence/ Chapter is utterly amazing. It is criminal for people to neglect this game. It's simply one of best games I have ever played.
God damn that ending was fantastic.
Just finished it. That finale was hysterical.
SpacePirate Ridley:
Just fnished the game...
Wonderful ending, wonderful credits, wonderful game and wonderful kamiya. One of the best games this generation without a doubt.
An the ending, just masterful. I've never seen an ending like this in a game, it's just like you are playing gurren-lagann. And now im going to watch Pacific Rim again in a theater, maybe thats too excitement for a day lol
Finished my second playthrough of the game and it confirms for me personally that this is indeed Game of the Year (unless GTA 5 does something special). That last operation is breathtaking even on a second run. I never thought The Last of us would ever be ousted but there is something so unquie and special about this game that just makes it so fun to play. The music deserves special praise because it is phenomenal and contributes so much to the atmosphere.
Anyone who has doubts about getting the game don't need to worry. The small flaws are massively outweighed by the sheer positives of the game.
I finished it minutes ago and all I can say now is **** YEAH GAME OF THE YEAR.
So much love for this game. I can't believe no one made a game like this yet. The story and setting is so fun, I had a huge grin on my face while I was playing it and maaaaaaan that final mission was all kinds of awesome. And it just. keeps. on. giving. It's a good thing I saved the last part for another day because the people who said that the final part is super long weren't kidding :p.
Just beat the game. I actually lol'd at the button mashing part and Red's final 'one liner'.
Such an amazing and unique game. Puts Pikmin 3 in 2nd place.
101/101 GOTY hands down!
The last two Operations are masterpieces. Oh my god. Jesus Christ. Holy ****.
I think this is my favorite Platinum game.
Just finished...
this game! THIS GAME!!!
its so good!
Just beat the game. Wonderful experience overall. I'm still in disbelief at how they were able to up their own awesome and kick your ass at times you thought it was over. It's a good type of exhaustion, haha.
Just completed the game, it was Wonderful. Really Wonderful. One of the best games I have ever played, and I have barely scrapped the surface of content this has.
Well done Platinum, well done.
Just finished up the game and GOD DAMN THAT WAS AMAZING!
So, it's about 10 hours since I first sat down to keep playing a couple missions, and next thing I know it's... 10 hours later. I literally could not put down my controller.
I just finished the game.
HOLY ****
No fucking words. ****. This is like the best game i've played in god knows how long. Such charm, such great characters, and awesome story, satisfying gameplay, awesome music, incredible pacing, awesome action, and great humor. The ending was fucking awesome and I found myself (last mission spoilers) dying from laughing at the last QTE where they're all pushing the buttons too. I just had the biggest smile on my face, and I am hard pressed to think of anything even remotely as enjoyable as my experience with this game.
I just always had the biggest smile on my face the whole time.
This game is like the ultimate package and so full of soul. I wish all games could be as satisfying as this, and by far this is my favorite Wii U and Platinum game, and probably one of my favorite games of all time. I don't have any words for how much this game just resonated with me, but I loved every second of it, and I can't even begin to praise it enough.
I don't know how you top something like this at all. Everything delivered. All the hype completely lived up to.
I can't stop gushing about this game, seriously. I LOVE IT.

This is the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann of video games.
So... just beat the game last night... HOLY **** AT THAT ENDING.  From Platinum Robo onward, I had the biggest grin on my face...
This is one of the best games I've ever played.  GOTY contender, EASILY.  A shame the gaming media is so dismissive of it due to not understanding it.  It's fucking brilliantly put together.
Beat it. I am so fucking smitten and elated with this game. It came with some frustration, but the universe, the characters, story, writing, overall gameplay, soundtrack, bosses, it's just one of the most satisfying games I've played in a long time. I don't remember the last time I was this satisfied and into an original IP. This game needed more marketing attention as I feel like it's worth owning a Wii U for period. I love stuff like GTA like the next person, but games like this deserve just as much attention. This better not fade into obscurity. It had better not.
Ending: Oooooh my god that ending! It was sooooo long but sooooo good. I am near speechless. It's exactly what I wanted in a game. The ultra final world power big bang little bang thing at the end was hilarious, and then I lost it when they were all pounding on the buttons; so funny. I know I am gushing, but wow. Haven't been this excited about a game in a long, long time.
This game is incredible. INCREDIBLE. WONDERFUL.
well i just finished it on normal and damn that was one hell of a ride. easily my favorite game in a long time. kamiya continues to channel what i love about video games ramp it up to  crazy levels. time to get to work on those bottle caps!
Just finished the game.
What an amazing love letter to Platinum.  One of the craziest endgames I have ever seen.
Just finished this game on normal, man, it's the biggest surprise this year, this is the first game I've played that have a incredible presentation and at the same time have a deep gameplay. I just lost my word on how to describe this.
I just beat the game the other day This game. I don't think I've felt this way about a game since Kid Icarus: Uprising. In fact, there are many parallels between this game and that one, interestingly...
Booker Dewitt:
Finished the game the other night, had a stupid grin during that whole hour of operation 009-C.
Finished this last night and this game is just pure bliss. No other game made me laugh that hard.
Hands down to Platinum.
Finished my first playthrough of this last night. Wow. Honestly, game of the year material for me. The whole thing was just wonderful, from start to finish.
Just finished it on normal
That was epic.
while everyone's winding down, I beat the game a week ago and I'm still sad I did.
I haven't felt that way about any other game I finished this year.
I wanted moar ;_;
Just beat the game. So god damn good. Definite candidate for GOTY.
Just finished.
Holy ****.
OMFG that final mission was INCREDIBLE! <3 <3 <3
Finished it! No words
my lawd
Just finished this game and...holy hell, that was insanity. The craziest, biggest action game I've ever played. And I played Bayonetta earlier this year.
Holy ****.
Finished the game. Amazing experience from start to finish... Even the ending credits were fun. And I'm spending waaay too much time on the gallery now.
Beat this game yesterday. Great experience overall, definitely on the top for this year.
Just beat the best game out this year. Holy fucking ****.
I need to stop playing's 5:30 AM. ;_;

Tomorrow I'm done with it and I'm sure my mind will blow even more.
I just finished the story mode.
My god, I'm shocked at how awesome this game is now.
I'll keep this fucking game until I die, it's one of these games that I'll treasure.
Winners don't hate and W101 rocks

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Re: Tone and atmosphere in The Wonderful 101
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2013, 05:18:37 PM »
Wow, TLDR.  Good read, almost feels like a travesty to sully it with a reply. I haven't finished the game yet, and I kind of, how do you say... suck at it, but I share many of the same sentiments.  I really agree with Platinum's vision and design philosophy for pretty much all of their games, in much the same way as I do with Nintendo.  I'm pretty sure that The Wonderful 101 tanked horribly, though I have no figures to back that up - and that is a true shame.  I know that many people will blame Nintendo and Wii U's installbase, but the cynic in me believes that TW101 on other consoles would have only performed marginally better.

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Re: Tone and atmosphere in The Wonderful 101
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2013, 03:01:41 AM »
Me and my NeoGAF posts stealing script strike again! Time to update this wall of text!

This game it's fucking amazing from the start to the ending. One of the best vg experiences ever. It's a real shame that it it not selling billions of copy.
Just finished 001-C. If I knew this game was so short I would've never bought it at full price. An hour 1/2 to reach the last boss in the game? Seriously?

Wait, that wasn't the last boss?
There's more after that?
Just finished 004-A
This game is sick amazing nonsense spectacular ridiculousness, and I love it. The more Unite powers and skills you unlock, the better it gets. And the game just keeps throwing new enemies and scenarios at you every 5 minutes, and the over the top dialogue, and the frenetic combat, and just.........WHEW
I only have one issue, and it's that the game is sometimes unclear on what you should do in any given circumstance. Whether it's attacks that you can't block, or stuff you're dodging that you SHOULD be blocking, or incoming attacks and those "quick time" scenarios that aren't really QTEs that if you fail the game just re-loads in like a second. More than being annoying, it just feels like a "trial by fire" kind of experience in which you WILL get hit and die before knowing exactly how to tackle some situations. Once you "get" it, you're like "Oh," but in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Well you could've explained that a little better." And the camera's a dick like 5% of the time, but that's not a huge hindrance.
No issues drawing anything so far; Get better game journalists.
Game's crazy. One of the most over the top games I've played in a long time.



I was wrong, this game isn't crazy....

I have to say, this is my game of the year. Honestly, it's just fantastic. This makes the WIi U worth owning. I'm surprised this didn't get better reviews. The controls aren't that hard (once you play it for an hour). And, it actually utilizes the Wii U pad better than most games.
So I just finished the game, and it's fantastic. That said, I can't help but feel angry at every party surrounding this game other than Platinum because it's not getting an iota of the success it deserves. It's really not that hard to draw a shape, guys. I played through the entire game with the pro controller (on normal) and I had no problems! And I'm bad at everything!
I have one complaint about the actual game:
The railshooter parts. Kamiya, learning nothing from the worst part of Bayonetta, put even more of these sections in W101. And they're still terrible! And there's so many of them! Are there any pro-tips to keep me from tearing my hair out?
I still can't get Operation 005C out of my head! Good God. That was amazing! :O
Man this game just gets better and better with each stage, huh
Operation 6 was good. I really didn't expect to be this engrossed by the story  and characters.
El Odio:
Just finished up Operation 004-A. I wanted to stay out of this thread until I progressed a bit in the game and now that I have all I can say is  HOLY **** THIS GAME IS AMAZING! Normally I'm not a fan of constant QTE's but every time the game stops for "Unite ____" I get excited cause I know it's probably gonna lead to an awesome moment. And the bosses! They have more content than most final bosses these days and I can't wait to see how much better and intense this gets.
Also Professor Shirogane is the best.
Flying Toaster:
I hate action games, a lot I don't know why but they just don't do it for me. I played this game at a friends house and have to say that it is by far the best freaking game that has come out this year. Amazingly awesome in every aspect.
Just beat it! My god, the last boss... I've never laughed so hard in a game that I was tearing up. The whole thing was brilliant. And the extras and secrets... you could play this game for years.  Kamiya does it again.
Just finished words...except: holy SHITBALLS! Truly the game that keeps on giving. Never before have I seen such diversity in a game and it never lets up from beginning to end. Truly exhilarating stuff. That ending man...tears of joy. One of the year's best for sure, but then I don't need to tell you guys that. There are flaws (platforming sucks), but they pale compared to the game's triumphs ands they are many.
Loved, loved, loved it!
Just beat chapter 5, I now see why people go nuts after they play it. Don't know how they can top that crazy, though I know people say it does.
Just beat the game, wow. Amazing, just amazing. The game just keeps topping itself with every operation, and after gathering enough powerups you can pull so many amazing moves. It's up there with Platinum's/clover's best games such as Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta.
And I made it to the end, first Wii U game I have finished so far!
As the credits roll (wow at the music), you realize how much love was put into this game. The universe Kamiya has created, from the 101 heroes to an almost as impressive set of villains... This is not something we see in other games.  This one is special.
So was The Last of Us, but I want to replay TW101 RIGHT NOW in higher difficulty. And that reason among so manu others will likely lead me to give my GOTY vote to this game.
Outstanding. Thank you, thank you Platinum.
This game was simply incredible.  Such a wonderful cast of characters on all sides, excellent gameplay, non-stop action, epic boss battles and a mood-pumping soundtrack.
Game of the Year for me for sure.
Finished the game (finally) last night.
This game.....Nucking Futs.
I think it was so varied that it felt uneven, but I loved the style, the story, and the core gameplay.
When you inhabit (200 of) the giant robots that were as big as a skyscraper in operation 1 to fight, that really made me smile.
the TMO:
This game is an awesome experience. It was like plaing Super Mario Bros for the first time.
There will NEVER and EVER be another game like this.
Team, Unite up! *Roger*
Dr Dogg:
Well just finished this up a while ago. I'm lost for words, this game is beyond awesome.
Pretty much every level I thought to myself 'It can't get better than this. Surely?" and it did. That last boss and those end credits had me giggling to myself like a kid before Christmas morning.
What's more is there's still so much to see and do. I know the phrase 'Gift/Game that keeps on giving' is seriously overused around here at times but the Wonderful 101 really does keep on giving.
All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone at Platinum Games for a truly Wonderful experience.
The Xtortionist:
So after much procrastinating I finally booted this up last night after just having it lay around for a few weeks.  Beat Operation 001 on normal....
this game is fucking amazing
and it gets better, you guys say
holy ****
I've been playing on-and-off for the last month. Just beat it.
Oh my god.
Wonderful music, wonderful graphical effects, wonderful writing, and gameplay that's constantly giving you new things to master and rewards you for every technique you learn.
The drawing controls have to be my favorite single part of the game. Cool, different, and visceral, they're an absolute blast to use. Never have I loved a game so much just for how you use your controller.
It makes me sad that this game will never receive the attention that overblown franchises like Assassin's Creed get, but I'm nevertheless happy that I've gotten to experience one of the most ambitious and and unique titles in recent memory.
I can't wait to start my second playthrough.
Just finished 005.
I don't care who you are, what fanboy bias you have, or if you like action games at all. You need to play W101. 
I don't know what kind of cold heartless bastard couldn't love this game, tbhwy.
Winners don't hate and W101 rocks

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Re: Tone and atmosphere in The Wonderful 101
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2013, 07:10:59 AM »
On operation 5.

This is just straight up the best game this year. Maybe even his best action game. Consistently impressed.
After a few days I finished this gem I am still thinking about it. For me this is the best action game ever. There is a ridicoluous amount of love in it.  It innovates the genre and put you a smile from the beninning to the end.
An incredible game experience. I don't know when it will be topped.
Thank you, Platinum games!
Just wrapped up the first playthrough.

That was absolutely one of the most insane finales I've ever seen to anything ever. The last moments of Bayonetta is probably a little more ridiculous considering what you do at the very end, but TW101 is right there. Completely over the top, never ending energy that keeps going and getting more ridiculous every time you think it might be over. On top of that, I was legitimately laughing when Wonder Red pushed blue out of the way to name the final move, then started mashing the control panel IN THE SAME WAY I was mashing the Game Pad, then the game cuts back to the cockpit and EVERYONE'S MASHING. Hilarious.

Thank God for Platinum Games. The amount of crazy love dripping from this title makes no sense. All the way through the wrap up cutscenes, the epilogue, the credits, and the unlocked galleries/model viewers, extra moves, a bunch of secret teammates, etc. The game that keeps on giving.

The game's not perfect, but it's one of the most unique retail experiences I've played in a long time, even with all the little similarities to previous Kamiya titles, or the action genre at large. When you combine the Unite Morph controls + base combat + combo system + the genre switches, it feels so fresh. Definitely a contender for GOTY, and 100% lock for Best Action Game of 2013 knocking Metal Gear Rising out of that spot. I was going to start a different game right after this one, but I can't. That'll have to wait for another day because the high of TW101 can't be topped.

Good luck Bayonetta 2 because :whew:

Winners don't hate and W101 rocks