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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 4.

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A friendly country flea just isn't cut out to contend with these Mafia types. They were selling me what I thought was Grade A Frogs and instead was a flea circus! With me as the star!

Thank goodness Mama taught me readin' and 'ritin', so I've sent my last messages to those townies who will be left. I'm pretty sure the rules are you can't post such on the public bulletin board. The Shady Village town crier would be fit to be tied reading' such! So I'll leave it with those who will be alive to act.

Vote Order.RSS. The second Mafia-type fella I'm not as sure of. But I'd assume it was nickmitch since he started the boulder rollin' and Order.RSS finished it fer 'em!

I hope there's some big, juicy dogs in the afterlife!

"There'll be food around the corner, food around the corner, food around the corneeeer for me!"

You struck true once before vigilante! Do so again! Or I'll come back as a ghost flea and bite ya!

Mayor Khush, I'm beginning to lose faith in your mayorship. Jus' letting' the place be overrun with these mustachioed villains! If they don't take me off the rolls, somebody's liable to use my vote to go against you in the next election!

Oh sure! Do a majority vote when I've long gone to bed. Year is over. Final Tally:

MASB - 5
Order.RSS - 1

Night Actions are due 12 hours from this post.


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