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Metroid Dread

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Dread is not far enough in development to be shown...the director and his team are currently still in the planning and idea phase...besides, theres got to be something for next E3, right?

1up is reporting that Metroid Dread may have been cancelled.  If true, this really sucks.  If not, 1up really sucks.  1up sucks regardless

Sub-topic:  Is it better to create a new thread for something like this, or to dredge up a topic from six months ago?

Bill Aurion:
I like how Metroid Dread was never even officially announced by Nintendo...

nitsu niflheim:
Yeah, i just thought that MD was a rumor that never went anywhere

I just hope that there are still plans to release another 2D Metroid.
We NEED another 2D Metroid.
There just has to be some kind of plan for it, right?


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