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The more terrible the name, the more likely Nintendo will pick it.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / Dear me from a week ago
« on: January 27, 2021, 09:58:08 PM »
Buy Gamestop stock, don't ask why, just put everything into it.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / VICTORY!
« on: June 14, 2013, 05:13:53 PM »
The evil dictator Khushrenada and his followers have finally been overthrown and ban! May this lead to a new age of liberty, freedom, democracy, comradely, debauchery, and intellectual renaissance!

And/Or to the start of the great duff empire!

Come brothers, who shall join me in the fight to protect our newly acquired equality!

NWR Mafia Games / XL-Value Mafia Day V!ctory or is it?!
« on: July 17, 2010, 12:40:09 AM »
With the evil Clown's many victories his ambition has grown to the point of launching a full out blitzkrieg on the world! The brave town restaurant Plug and MG resisted but failed to slow the invasion down at the cost of their lives.

You shall not be forgiven McDon! Let this be our Final battle!

Now with the whore powers and the help of points he can still pull a massive upset so what do you want to do? Pin the noise on the Godclown or surrender and join the McAfia?

Horrible news everybody; Jack "in the" box has been hit by an automobile!

He was rushed to an army hospital but his wounds were too grave. On his death bed, Jack confessed on killing Maxi and Dasmos and shortly there after died.

Jack, Jack, we hardly knew ya. The shock didn't end there, when his snow cone was removed it turned out he was vudu!

Elsewhere, the townie mob failing to be informed with their pea brains decided to kamikaze Jack in the box's chain.

Of course you can't kill the dead and Noname2200 died as the suicidal townie.

You maybe asking where is your king in all this? No fear, tomorrow, I shall fight this evil clown!

Today, I going to the beach to enjoy some buns, whoppers, and milk shakes!

Mop it up
Mystic Gohan

vudu (Blood thirsty killer!)
noname2200 (Townie)
Dasmos (Townie)
thatguy (Vigilante)
Nickmitch (Townie)
jrliberarian (Townie)
Maxi (Mafia)
Stratos (Investigator)

NWR Mafia Games / XL-Value Mafia Day 3! Have it your way!
« on: July 15, 2010, 12:34:28 AM »
With the tragic lost of the Coronal, there was one thing on the mind of all the fast food chains. If thatguy is the Sanders then who the hell jrlibrarian! While the angry mob was interrogating aka torturing aka killing jrlibrarian the townie, they spotted Grimace and proceeded in killing him. Turns out he was Maxi the mafia goon!

In Memory of grimace

During an autopsy, doctors found the godfather pizza Stratos who was acting as an Investigator! But he wasn't eaten alive. Maybe one of the mob member killed him and hide the body. After all, being a godfather in a mafia hut isn't the smartest idea after all.

The colonel sanders, otherwise known as Thatguy, is proud to introduce his new menu item to fight against the toxic waste the Mafia was shoveling, the Double down:

To answer the eternal question, great sandwich or greatest, he invited Dasmos and Nickmitch for a taste test. It was so good, or maybe it was poisoned, that they all went straight to fastfood heaven.

Thatguy last words were forever immortalized as his epitaph:

Dasmos - Townie
nickmitch - Townie
Thatguy - Vigilante

You are Dead.


All fast food joints are in danger! No, the health inspector isn't coming. It seems some crazy clown run fast food chain is violently trying to take over the fast food business and make a monopoly on selling toxic waste as food! A group of food chains are teaming up to stop the McDon; this is their story....

Day end in 23½ hours
No role PM = Townie

NWR Mafia Games / XL-Value Mafia! R&R thread
« on: July 12, 2010, 06:44:42 PM »
1 There are no rules
2 You don’t talk about my Mafia games, past or present
3 No complaining
4 Standard mafia rules
5 Ties are decide based on points
6 Khushrenada cannot win under any circumstances
7 Day end at Midnight EST
8 Role actions are due 5 minutes after the day ends, the earlier the better.

Ron “The DON” McDonald: Leads the mafia, picks the hits, psycho, general hardass.
Grimace and Birdie: Henchmen

Jack: The Killer with a twist. Thanks to the mafia killing, he can kill every night and have his actions be lost in all the bloodshed. If he kills the godfather he become the mafia’s new godfather (losing his own hit but raising his odds at winning) or if both the godfather and the killer agree can join up saving his hit but they have to find each other first. If he's voted he can take one person down with him.

“The Colonel” Sanders:  The Vigilante who can kill whoever he thinks is evil. Used to failure; he can make 2 a mistake before giving up on enforcing law with force. Leads the Townie alliance
Wendy the whore: Can block a vote, or block a hit at the cost or her life.
“Little” Caesar: Investigates once a night or void it in return of being able to send out an anonymous message instead. If he investigates the killer, the killer becomes wise to him and finds his identity as well.


Livestock Player sign up thread



Player Count: 13

General Chat / You know who just won the you know what prize
« on: October 09, 2009, 02:38:25 PM »

The day America bombed the moon looking for that. They give him a peace prize. Discuss without politic.

Thread censor to avoid politics

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / FINALLY
« on: August 21, 2009, 06:17:31 PM »
I just finished, and passed, the last English class I ever need to take for the rest of my existent!

No more writing! No more spelling! No more grammar!!
This is the happiest moment in my life!!!!!!1 :reggie: :beer; :cake; :zoid:

[/rant][/joy-gasm][/random emoticons]

As some of you mafia players know, my laptop (graphics card and/or GPU melted) broke on Friday. And after sending it to best buy to get it repaired under the pretense that there is a slim chance that I'll would lose my data, they tell me now that there's a 50/50 chance of losing all my data after replacing the motherboard and if I want them to back it up with them it will cost me 300-1800$. So, should I take the risk (if any) or stomach the $80 to ship it back and do the data back up myself. 

side note: if I ship it back would my old USB 2.0 Enclosures for a 3.5'' drive work with a laptop drive(s) or do I need to get another one for 2.0/2.5 drives?


Easycure ranked up votes and noise bleeds with her flashing! Oppositely, Spak spang scar and terrified the audience by lifting up his skirt and to everyone horror, relieved that he was a Cross dressing male Rescue Raptor! As such he was disqualified to compete and cast a leaving vote for easycure and thus breaking the tie between Easycure and the whore out Maxi!

Easycure is the new Ms. Hawtness 2009

Winner of Ms Hawtness 2009

EasyCure-Bad Girl with a gun!

Runners up

TheFleece-Shinobu : townie
NuclearSpeed : townie
Maxi - Taki :Twice kidnapped : Pageant inspector
Pale: being raped Raped townie!


nickmitch- ZSS : arrowed to death : Godmother Judge
Gylldas-Ivy:Died in the shower: Pimp #1
Stogi : Hench-girl #2 and the new godmother: Shot to death
RABicle-Mai Shiranui: Dead :Prankster
insanolord-cheerleader:Townie: eaten to death
oohhboy-Lacus: seducer: Gone mad with power
Dasmos - Birdo: pimp #2
Khushrenada-Khushrenada:The (Corrupt) pageant official : kidnapped and starved to death
DAaaMan64: Godmother #3 :Shot to death
Plugabugz: townie: shot dead
vudu-baby Peach: pimp of pimps:pedonapped: voted

Biggest loser

Spak-Spang-un-sexy male cross dressing Rescue Raptor...: Twice kidnapped: rapist, who owes millions in child support to TheNorthSea

Biggest wins

TheNorthSea-Cynthia: townie : winner of millions in child support
TheNorthSea-Cynthia jr: townie : ran off with bill to happy land

And without bill paying me to take away his title of biggest forum pervert, this shall be my last Hawtness thread.

Time to vote for the winner

stevey - King of HAWTNESS: Miyamoto
EasyCure-Bad Girl
Maxi - Taki :Twice kidnapped
Spak-Spang-sexy female Rescue Raptor...girl: Twice kidnapped
Pale: being raped Raped!


1) Those who don't win above are listed as runners up.
2) * If the cross dresser wins then all runners up, having lost to a male cross dresser, will commit mass suicide and all lose.

nickmitch- ZSS : arrowed to death : Godmother Judge
Gylldas-Ivy:Died in the shower: Pimp #1
Stogi : Hench-girl #2 and the new godmother: Shot to death
RABicle-Mai Shiranui: Dead :Prankster
insanolord-cheerleader:Townie: eaten to death
oohhboy-Lacus: seducer: Gone mad with power
Dasmos - Birdo: pimp #2
Khushrenada-Khushrenada:The (Corrupt) pageant official : kidnapped and starved to death
DAaaMan64: Godmother #3 :Shot to death
Plugabugz: townie: shot dead
vudu-baby Peach: pimp of pimps:pedonapped: voted
TheNorthSea-Cynthia: townie
TheNorthSea-Cynthia jr: townie

polls close in 57.9 hours

Vudu pimp of pimps has been canonized, as such he has been shot off the stage by a large caliber canon!
Pale being free of prostitution and violation has been RAPED! And will be quarantined till he is proved healthy. And poor Plugabugz has be shot dead in his sleep.

Now that the semifinals are over, it time to crown Ms HAWTNESS 2009 from the remaining contestant in the finals. I'll post the rules for the final tonight. Voting begins tomorrow and end Friday night.

After the indecision of the last vote, the crazy girl with a gun went on a rampage!

Caught in the cross fire was DAaaMan64 the last Godmother! While looting the mafia hide, the contestants found Spank and vudu cling onto dear life! Even more good news is that the corrupt and evil official Khushrenada has starved to death!

Pale trying to get info out of spank was running cross the town towards the mafia HQ but was Kidnapped by the Pimp before he could get there! Soon Pale's poor bucket-hat will have to witness his rape if the last pimp isn't killed today...

Will the game end before pale is savagely raped?
Will this be the first mafia with a killer win?
When will the king of Hawtness be outed as the bomber and kill every!?
Is a cross dresser really going to make it the finals of a Hawtness pageant! or even win?
The Last day of the semi-finals begin today! or tomorrow or the next day....


After yesterdays talent portion, Lacus would have nothing of being second in a musical comptions and was out on the attack with her black magic! But before she could kill everyone, she realized that she did not have any powers beside the ability to use her irresistible Hawtness to seduce all other mafia contestant and do her bidding and was killed before she could seduce again.... :'(

In other part of the townie Dasmos the pimp #2 was hunted down like a wild animal. Vudu began to cry over the growing violence and was kidnapped! But who would kidnap a baby? A pedophile, Jackson, Maxi wanting children now that it was proven that she was infertile? Oh wait! Maxi, you escaped! hurray!


And the winner of the musical talent section is splash woman!

Unfortunately, she lost control of her fish minion and the role-less contestant insanolord and half the audience have been eaten!


The ______ tried to kidnap Spank but were overpowered by spank's super raptor strength. Sadly, Spank was then hit in the head by a lead pipe and kidnapped by another group!

And RABICLE the Prankster has turned up dead!

<img src=">
And the winner of the last round is Samus! As her prize she got to kill Stogi! While begging for her life, Stogi reviled that she was really Hench-girl #2 and the new godmother. The Mafia is down to there last player now!

~Elsewhere ~

Bad news, Gylldas aka Ivy: the blood thrusty pimp #1 has been killed while taking a shower! During this commotion, Spak's lunch has been switch with an unholy amount of laxatives. Thus Spak-Spang has been pranked and can't post or pm today!

Good news

In other part of town Khush has been badly beaten and kidnapped! And TheNorthSea: a townie is now pregnant. Sadly, as per the rules she has been kick out of the competition.

Today talent expo is about musical talent!

polls close at 12:00!
You may now begin

The evil lonatic, Khushrenada got his way and has gotten Nickmitch voted out. With that the talent portion of the pageant shall now begin. Everyone take up you bow and show of your archery skills with Nickmitch as the target.

Miyamoto: Crotch shot 100pt.
NickMitch: Damn it, I'm the godmother judge! I'll get my revenge!


Khushrenada, while taking a evil nap, on a evil bed, thinking about evil deeds has had a terible prank pulled on her! Jalapeno peppers powder has been shoveled all up her privet spots and is now screaming in horrific pain in the little girls room! Khush can not post, pm, or vote for the length of today!

Bad news everyone! Our beloved Maxi has been kidnapped, beaten, and locked in room to die! Luck for him, in the confusion of the godmother death he was freed!!! Although, sadly he had been re-kidnapped, re-beaten, and forced into prostitution by a unknown group....


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