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Title: Episode 308 - Agnus and Mildred
Post by: Webmalfunction on August 04, 2022, 02:32:34 PM

I hope you like JRPGs because we're talking about em this episode. Mainly a hefty serving of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but Balex tosses in a lil Live A Live talk to boot!

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We got a short show this week but don't you DARE think we have nothing to talk about! It's Xenoblade Chronicles 3 week!

That's right folks, Xenoblade's latest entry came out and we've all played it for several hours. We spent 40 minutes talking about the game this week, and I get the feeling it might not be the last time we do that. After, Alex gives some thoughts on Live A Live (Live A Evil???) since he just beat it. Good game!

It's a JRPG podcast episode -- call us The Thirsty Mage, why dontcha!!!

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