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Nintendo Bringing Back Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain Battle Begins December 3


See, they paid off BOTH of those surveys in June.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/58250/nintendo-bringing-back-big-brain-academy-brain-vs-brain-battle-begins-december-3Nintendo's other "brainy" series is returning on Switch, and this time North America will get to partake.Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain has been announced for a December 3 launch, priced at US$29.99 and available physically. There will be challenges (including daily ones) in Solo mode, or up to four players (local or ghosts uploaded by other players) can take part in multiplayer modes.This appears to be the second game Nintendo's marketing surveyed in June, following next week's WarioWare: Get It Together.

Mr. Bungle:
So North America is not getting "Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch"?
Is this Big Brain game NA only or worldwide?


--- Quote ---Is this Big Brain game NA only or worldwide?
--- End quote ---

The video shows Americans playing Japanese players online, so I think it’s safe to say worldwide release.

I heard the Brain Training category of games ran into legal troubles in the U.S. which is why we didn’t get the sequel. Too bad, although the Switch screen isn’t great for drawing and sketching compared to the 3DS.


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