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Rumor: Just Sniffing Around

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This wasn't posted in talkback so lets start a discussion here.

Rumor: Just Sniffing Around

One of the rumors is LAN gaming. The Sega one is that PSO card game, but the Nintendo games could be anything. I would hope that it is F-Zero GC. Having a LAN party playing F-Zero with 29 other people would be pretty cool.

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F^ck these new threads i just lost all the sh!t i typed out. anyways i was saying nintendo should put all of their mulitplayer games online from now on, or at the least let them support lan play. they have many to choose from like mario party, animal crossing, mario tennis, golf, and kart. i personally think that the games that louie were  talking about is probably pokemon.....kan play wouldnt be that impressive, but if it were online......yes. well i currently have a bb adapter but no games to use it on....i am waiting nintendo......

Ian Sane:
LAN games = cool

LAN gaming instead of online games = lame

There no mention of any of these rumoured titles being online, only being LAN capable.  If Nintendo thinks this is a decent substitute they are very wrong.  LAN should be a feature for online games.  LAN should not be a replacement for online games.

Seriously Nintendo's utter refusal to acknowledge that online is an important part of the future is going to bite them in the ass bigtime.  I really hope these titles are not just LAN only for Nintendo's sake.  They can talk about "communication games" all they want but until they go online they're living in the past just like they did when they stuck with cartridges.

F-Zero with LAN would RULE but as I said F-Zero Online would be way better.  System selling killer app better.  

Multiplayer is always cool, but LAN and online both have their pitfalls.

LAN requires multiple consoles and multiple tv's, multiple controllers, and multiple copies of the game. So even if your friend brings over his GC and controllers and his copy of the game, you'll still need to set up two tv's in one room, and move some furniture around.. not to mention buy some booze (or soda pop or whatever).. It's a lot of trouble to go through.. Sure, you might do this for a party, game-a-thon, or whatever, but you're probably not going to do this regularly (like on a weekly basis).

Online is okay, and has a lot of potential, but requires additional purchase of hardware and services by the user. Even then, it's not THAT big of a thrill... unless you can trashtalk live (using a headset, not a keyboard).

I have to say that the Voice Communicator you get with Xbox Live is definitely a killer app for online.  While some people can get annoying (judicious use of an ignore list helps), there's nothing like hearing the cheers of your teammates getting a righteous kill, or the rantings of your enemies as you pummel them.

A keyboard is better than nothing, but voice communication is THE Holy Grail of interacting online as far as I'm concerned.  I was really worried that it would be more annoying than anything at first, but I'm completely sold.

Now, if only it were wireless ...


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