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Mafia 89 Resident Evil: RECVMake wrap up thread

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and with that the game is over.   

With 3-3 to the Ashford Mafia remaining.

The Ashford Mafia win!!!

Here are the remaining alive players and their roles.

Mop it up- Alexia Ashford
Order.RSS was recruited by Mop it up on Day 0
Stratos started the game as a townie and was recruited on Night 4 to the Ashford Mafia
TOPHATANT123 was Claire Redfield the investigator
Luigi Dude was Steve Burnside the doctor.
lolmonade was a normal townie. 

The game could have been extended if lolmonade was voted out as a majority would have been created and the Ashford mafia wouldn't have the numbers and maybe stevey would have used a role block on TOPHATANT123 or Luigi Dude while using a hit on one of the Ashford Mafia.

 Maybe Order.RSS or Stratos and then with the Neighborize/hit night there could have been a vote out of Mop it up in the next two days or maybe the vote goes towards lolmonade and it would be 2 townies, 1 OM and 2 Ashford mafia.  Would have possibly go down to a Mexican Standoff and night actions would have decided the game. 

Host thoughts on the game and night actions.

You may now post.


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Good game everyone. Congrats to Mop it Up and the Ashford winners. Thanks to Beautiful Shy for all her hard work hosting. Obviously I am not the best mafia leader but you all are also way too good at this.
The block by Luigi Dude was a real turning point and I wish I had gone with my initial thought of taking out TOPHATANT so that it would not have been blocked.


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