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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 4

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Woo some good luck for once! I'm feeling pretty confident in a Bungle vote, I find the last minute vote yesterday highly suspicious. As if they were waiting to see how things would play out in order to save both of them.

Vote Bungle4

and I'm back.

In case you did not notice I was not that far behind in votes to ThePerm. If someone came in last minute they could have easily given me a plurality. Not to mention nobody was joining me in voting Stratos. I think it is more suspicious that TOPHATANT123 and Order.RSS did not vote for ThePerm and thus I vote TOPHATANT123

36 hours left in the day.

Vote tally

Bungle4-2 votes

TOPHATANT123-1 vote

24 hours left in the day.

Vote Tally

Bungle4- 2 votes

TopHatAnt123-1 vote.


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