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Safe Words 18: Another Jamie Oliver Cooking Show. Game Over.

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We all love a gathering together and having a feast. However, while everyone often loves the initial meal, people aren't always so keen on the leftovers. Leftovers can often seem dull and less appetizing and end up sitting in the fridge until we toss ‘em out later. And it’s not just unfinished meals that can go in the bin. Often times, it’s the last few bits in a jar, half a tin of food because a recipe only needed a certain amount, food in the back of the freezer we’ve forgotten about. It can all be leftover, unused and tossed leading to food waste. I want to help you stop that by showing you a brand new collection of recipes that I’ve come up with to help transform your leftover odds and ends into fantastic mouthwatering meals your family will love. I promise you, leftovers won’t be boring again.

Often, people think the flavor is lost if you’re swapping in or adding different ingredients than what a recipe says or by reheating previously cooked food. But that’s not true! These recipes will show you just how good leftovers can be: super-tasty, balanced and stress-free and with the added bonus of saving you money by not getting needlessly tossed away. With these go-to delicious dishes, you will find that leftovers can actually be the best part of a meal.

And to help me demonstrate the beauty of leftovers, I’ve invited a few of my friends along to provide further inspiration on the various ways leftovers can be incorporated into your cooking. This is Jamie’s Leftover Meals.

Phrase Selection

1. All you lovely people at home
2. Squeeze the lemon through your hand to catch any pips
3. Just clank it up any old way
4. You know that makes sense
5. And just whack it up the jacksy
6. Not trying to be chef-y here
7. Oh ho ho ho! Yes! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
8. Just drizzle a little olive oil on top
9. Who loves a curry?
10. I’m always burning me nuts
11. They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"

Order of Player Rotation

Mop It Up
Luigi Dude

Final Placement

11 - nickmitch
10 - ShyGuy
9 - Stratos
8 - Order.RSS
7 - AJBungle
6 - Luigi Dude
5 - MASB
4 - Mop it up
3 - BeautifulShy
1 - NWR_insanolord

 A quick reiteration of the rules and how the game is played

There is a list of phrases that will be used throughout the game. These are phrases I feel I’ve heard Jamie Oliver say a few times during his various cooking shows. At the start of each round, the player that would be the last to select for that round will secretly select a phrase from the list. That choice will be kept hidden from the remaining players and sent to me via pm. That selected word will then be the bomb word for that round.

After the bomb word is chosen, the remaining players must all choose an option from the list. Every time an option is chosen, it is removed from the list for that round. No two players can select the same word in the same round. If a player does not choose the bomb word from the list when they make their selection then they are safe for that round and move on to the next. If a player selects the bomb word, they are eliminated from the game and the bomb word is removed from the list for the rest of the game.

If none of the remaining players choose the bomb word then the player who selected it to start the round is forced to choose their own bomb word selection and is eliminated. The game is played until there is only one player still left standing and that player is declared the winner.

Order of players chosen

You may have been wondering what the prep round was about in which you were selecting cookbooks. The winner of that prep round was Order.RSS and his reward for winning it was being able to select the order rotation for the players this game. So, if you don’t win then you can all blame him for placing you in the spot leading to your elimination. Did being able to select the rotation give him an advantage? Well, we’ll have to play this game out to see.

Message reminders

I have already sent a pm to all players alerting them to the fact the game has begun when we did the prep round selection. Now that the game is also “officially” on with round 1, I will most likely send out a pm when it is a players turn to choose through the initial rotation to help everyone get back in the rhythm of checking in for Safe Words. After that, it is up to the players to remember to check in on their own unless they notify me to send them a reminder when it is their turn to choose. For example, ShyGuy has asked me that I send him a message on Discord each time it is his turn to select so that he doesn’t forget. I am absolutely willing to do that. Just send me a message or post such a request in this thread and I will make sure you get the alert you ask for.

Waiting for a selection

A generous time of 2 days (48 hours) is given for a player to select a phrase. If they've requested for me to send them a reminder when it is their turn, a message will be sent to alert them of that fact once it is their turn and 24 hours before their time to choose is up. If a choice has not been made by the end of the total 48 period, the player will be automatically given the bomb word choice and removed from the game. The 48 hours begins from the timestamp of the post I make in this thread asking for their selection in the round.

Game on.

I have already contacted TOPHATANT123 who will be making the bomb word selection for Round 1 and have received his choice. This means we can get right into the game.

Order.RSS has given himself the position of being the first to select for Safe Words 18. As such, he can select an option from the following list as I make my Speedy Bread Pudding using leftover breads:

All you lovely people at home
Squeeze the lemon through your hand to catch any pips
Just clank it up any old way
You know that makes sense
And just whack it up the jacksy
Not trying to be chef-y here
Oh ho ho ho! Yes! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Just drizzle a little olive oil on top
Who loves a curry?
I’m always burning me nuts
They'll be eating it and saying, "Oh! What is that??"

As an aside, I'll just mention that besides choosing the player rotation for this game, I also presented Order.RSS with a list of 24 phrases that could be used for this game and had him select 11 options to be used for this game. So, what he won from that prep round was.... extra work.  :P


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