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Nintendo Switch 2021 Statistics!

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It's that time of year again! When Nintendo starts revealing some of the data they've been secretly compiling about us! Yaaaayyy......

So, what are the statics everyone is getting?

For myself, I

* Played 35 games
* Played 362 hours
* Most Played games are Astral Chain (43 hours), Ring Fit (41 hours), and No More Heroes 3 (40 hours)
* Most active day was Last Saturday 12/11 where I played for 7 hours
* 322 hours on the TV vs. 39 hours handheld
Here was my favorite game of the year:

Spent hours on Switch: 18.

Among them: 8 on Bowser's Fury, 2 on SNES App and 2 on Pacman 99.

Paltry year compared to 404 hours in 2020.

Spent hours on Switch: 91

Top 3 games:

- Xenoblade 2 (26 hours)
- Metroid Dread (23 hours)
- Xenoblade Definitive Edition (12 hours)

Compared to 205 hours in 2020 spent largely on...

- Xenoblade Definitive Edition (88 hours)
- Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore (54 hours)
- Paper Mario: The Origami King (32 hours)

Yeah, 2021 was a **** year for Switch. I'm surprised I even had 91 hours of play time this year.

Awww. They didn't give out nicknames/titles to sum up the type of gamer you were. I wanted to see if I nailed Nintendo Loyalist for another year. Guess I'll just have to assume I did. Let's see the numbers:

This Year:

Played 24 Games (That's a lie. Some of those titles were just things I turned on and off to move around my Switch main menu)

Played for 334 hours. Most active day is Saturday Nov. 6 with 10 hours and 8 hours spent on Metroid Dread that day. 318 hours docked vs 17 hours handheld.

Most Played Games:
-Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics - 93 hours (I beat Broodwars total 91 hours with just this game)
-Metroid Dread - 48 hours
-SNES Online - 40 hours

Last year I played:

-19 games (again, I question this number)
-412 total hours played

Top 3 Games:
-Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - 187 hours
-Tetris 99 - 66 hours
-SNES Online - 48 hours

The SNES Online keeps coming up third! If Xenoblade Chronicles X had been re-released on Switch then I'd have easily surpassed last year's total hours played. Can't believe I played that much on Switch since it felt like so much of 2021 was Wii U. However, in the breakdown of total time played:

You can see when I lost interest in XCX and Clubhouse Games started taking over. Wrapped it up in Backlaugust. Then there there was the Metroid bump in October and November which led to my doing a bunch of games on Switch like MK8, Part Time UFO, Lumines, more Tetris 99 and SNES Online.

Most played:
Dauntless (332 hours)
Volta-X (29 hours)
Horizon Chase Turbo (17 hours)

418 hours total (all docked)

20 games total

Most active day: Saturday, May 29th (8 hours of Dauntless) - Guessing that was the month the Choronovore made its debut. Had bought that battle pass...


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