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Genesis Mini: Anyone else excited?

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There's a few games I'd be curious to try on one, but I don't think I'll buy one to be honest.

Thunder Force III, Super Fantasy Zone, the Mickey Mouse games and Ecco the Dolphin are the main curiosities for me. Never played Gunstar Heroes either, and I agree MUSHA would be a cool addition too.

That said, I kinda question if I would actually use the device, like several of you have mentioned. Same reason I didn't get the SNES mini, they look cute, but will I actually use one? And that one has stuff like Star Fox 2 and Final Fantasy 6 on there which I've never played, both of which are more interesting than the stuff I'd wanna try on a Genesis mini.
Genesis is a fun system though, and the inclusion of third party games is promising.

Another batch o' games will be revealed for this puppy on May 16th:

(Link originally found in a topic on ResetERA)


--- Quote from: Phil on May 10, 2019, 01:13:28 PM ---Another batch o' games will be revealed for this puppy on May 16th:

(Link originally found in a topic on ResetERA)

--- End quote ---

Next week? Awesome!

Looking forward to the announcement, although with mixed feelings. The last set of games included a few surprises... will this batch of games end up being a disappointment in comparison? Fingers crossed for another 1 or 2 big name titles!

Mop it up:
Blaster Master 2 is one game we had that I don't think has ever been re-released, it would be nice to see that game again.

There is a decent amount of diversity between this and the Classics collection on Switch; right now this console has 8 games not present in the collection and that's just with half the games revealed. I also do like the Genesis controllers, I wonder if there will be some way to make them work on Switch. That said, the Castlevania game is included in that upcoming collection on Switch, so that's an easy option if I want that. Contra Hard Corps. may also be in the upcoming Contra collection.

I'm curious if this thing will have the fast-forward and rewind of the collection, that's been a very nifty feature!

New games were announced! Pretty close to what I expected; not as strong as the last set of games released (for my tastes) but still a solid selection. So far it looks like there are only 3 games I'd categorize as "stinkers" and would rather have replaced outright.

Getting Wily Wars as the surprise game wasn't really on my radar. Apparently the remakes of Mega Man 1-3 included aren't awesome (someone mentioned slowdown?) but the bonus content where you select which weapons you want from all three games to take on Wily in his tower at the end is pretty awesome. I'm keen to try the game at least.

Others that kind of surprised me were:
* Alex Kidd is a series I had hoped they would skip - I've never heard anyone talk positively about the series, despite it being kind of iconic. Honestly, gameplay videos look like garbage.
* Sonic Spinball is a game I had forgotten about entirely, but a novel addition.
* Street Fighter is a great game... but one that I hoped they would leave off as playing with a three-button controller kind of defeats the purpose. (Frankly, anything less than an arcade stick makes this less enjoyable for me. I understand it's there as a nod to being a classic series, but it's really not the most playable game considering how things are set up.)

Still hoping to see MUSHA make an appearance, and with only 10 games left a little worried it might not happen. In fact, there aren't many spaces left for big name surprises at all, if you assume that some other classic Genesis titles (still no Strider?!) will take up remaining slots. Fingers crossed.


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