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Genesis Mini: Anyone else excited?

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Anyone else excited about the upcoming Genesis Mini console?

So I never grew up with a Genesis. Sure, a friend-of-a-friend owned one and I had been suitably impressed by how awesome the games looked on a couple of rare visits where we all played Strider or Golden Axe together... but most of the Genesis library of games were new to me when Wii Virtual Console finally gave me access to some of the hits I had missed. Later on my exposure to Genesys gaming was increased thanks to the PSP version of Sega Genesys Collection.

My favorite Genesis games so far include Monster World IV, Toejam & Earl, Gunstar Heroes, and some of the later Phantasy Star games. Normally, I wouldn't feel a need to buy more Genesis games as I've got a decent selection of classics from the system to play through... but the list of titles announced for Genesis Mini so far already looks awesome, and the emulation is being done by M2 (who have a great reputation for quality). With 40 games packed in, including some of the only Contra and Castlevania games I've never tried, and two controllers to support multiplayer games, I'm already sold on the console.

My fingers are crossed to see MUSHA, Mega Turrican, and Alien Soldier added to the console also... and with 20 games left to announce, those seem totally possible. After all, M2 has previously emulated theoe games for other consoles. (Pro tip: You can see some of the Genesis games they've emulated previously here:

Anyway, didn't see any conversation outside of the Talkback thread, and this is one of my most anticipated gaming-related releases coming out this year. My outlook went from skeptical when first announced, to mildly impressed when they reworked the mini console to emphasize quality and get a better development team on-board, to actively looking for more information after seeing the second wave of games (which absolutely kicked the ass of the PS Classic lineup).

My thoughts haven’t changed:

--- Quote from: Adrock on April 19, 2019, 09:19:36 AM ---I preordered Sega Genesis Mini a couple weeks ago just in case. I’m still hoping to hear some impressions/reviews before fully committing. I’m cautiously impressed so far. Sega has been doing everything right.

I wonder how easy this will be to hack. Out of curiosity, of course. I didn’t hack my NES Classic or SNES Classic. I am also curious how quickly 8bitdo can release a six-button wireless controller.

--- End quote ---
I never had a Sega Genesis growing up. I played it every few months when visiting relatives who had one. I grew up a Super Nintendo kid. It’ll be nice to try out some of these games for the first time. I have to be realistic though. I barely played either of Nintendo’s Classic Edition consoles.


--- Quote from: leonjames84 on May 09, 2019, 05:28:52 AM ---How much are they selling it for?

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In Canada, preorders are $100 CAD. Not cheap, but for a system with 40 games and two controllers, doesn't seem crazy. And the game selection so far has been impressive - stuff like Contra Hard Corps and Castlevania Bloodlines aren't cheap/easy pickups elsewhere as far as I know, and there is a decent chance that some other rarities like MUSHA could appear in the back half of the lineup.

--- Quote from: Adrock on May 09, 2019, 12:21:50 AM ---... I barely played either of Nintendo’s Classic Edition consoles.

--- End quote ---

So this is a bit of a concern for me too. Although I really like my Nintendo classic consoles, they only get limited playing time. Too much to do, not enough time... But, playing Bubble Bobble with my kids recently has really been fantastic and every time we do bring them out it's pure bliss.

Genesis Mini won't have the same nostalgia working for it.. but I still love 8- and 16-bit games so have high expectations.

Ian Sane:
I have gotten some play out of my SNES Classic but not as much as I would expect.  But the real reason I got it was for Star Fox 2 and I feel it was worth it just for that.  I actually own a cartridge copy of all the other games except Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts so I wasn't getting much new from it.  Also I can say over the last while that I haven't played much for ANY videogames so the SNES Classic isn't unique there.  If I had to be temporarily relocated somewhere for a few weeks the SNES Classic is exactly what I would bring with me, presuming I would have access to a TV.

The Genesis Mini doesn't appear to have any exclusives... yet, but I don't have as prominent of a Genesis collection as I do a SNES one.  I don't have Castlevania Bloodlines and it's now at the point where that isn't really affordable so this will let me get a copy.  If they include something insanely expensive like MUSHA it would be worth it just for that.

I was initially interested in the mini Neo Geo and PlayStation at first until details revealed that they were seriously flawed products.  So the mini console concept appeals to me a lot, it's just that the game selection has to be good and the emulation has to be tight and accurate.  I'm very interested in the Genesis Mini but I'll need to wait for the reviews.  M2 has a great rep so it will probably be fine and the game selection is already top notch.  But Nintendo is really the only company that has done these right thus so I have to wait for the reviews.

Mop it up:
I think I've already got what I want from the Genesis with the Classics collection on Switch, plus other scattered releases. It will probably be a fine product, just not for me. I may still end up with one if they happen to over-produce it and it gets heavily discounted.


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