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Backlaugust 2023! (Forums Aren't Dead Yet?) Edition

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After hosting it for the past three years, allow me to take that role on from pokepal 148 since I don't know if he will be here to start this. But I do want his best contribution to these forums (so far) to continue and I do look forward to this now. I guess it just helps to have some incentive to buckle down and play through games even if it is an arbitrary deadline. In line with what pokepal148 had set up, here's the gist of the event:

Backlaugust: The Official Nintendo World Report Month for Decimating Backlogs!™ is back again for more action! So start looking through your backlog and get started!

Here are the "rules":

Games can be on any system, not just Nintendo systems. I know we're a Nintendo fan site, but most everyone here is a multi-console owner. So play a game on any system you want.

Let us know what you're playing. Mostly just so we can cheer each other on.

Play games you already own. A lot of people tend to buy a game then not play it, or play it for a significant amount of time and then put it down. This is what we're aiming for. Games that launch in August don't count. Since I'm taking on the hosting duties, I'm going to strike that last statement. More on that in the next post.

Try to pick up games you aren't actively playing right now. Games you're currently playing can be allowed, but in the spirit of Backlaugust, let's try to make them games you aren't playing at the moment. Make it a game you haven't touched in a month or more if possible.

When is a game done? That's up to you! Mark a game off your backlog when you've seen the ending or end credits, or once you've seen enough of the game in a game without a "proper ending" (like an arcade-type game). You don't have to do or get everything unless you want to.

Finished games will be posted in the OP. Because everyone likes to see their accomplishments recognized. Just post when you're done and I'll try to update daily.

Games Completed So Far:

Kirby's Dream Land (3DS VC) - Khushrenada
Xeodrifter (3DS) - Khushrenada
Road 96 (Switch?) - lolmonade
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Switch) - M.K. Ultra
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (3DS VC) - Khushrenada
Concrete Genie (PS4) - M.K. Ultra
Castlevania Bloodlines (Switch) - Mop it up
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (3DS VC) - Khushrenada
Kersploosh! (3DS) - Khushrenada
Mega Man II (3DS VC) - Khushrenada
Mass Effect 3 (Wii U) - M.K. Ultra
Resident Evil 2 Remake (XBox Series X?) - Lemonade
Dillon’s Rolling Western (3DS) - Lemonade
Super Princess Peach (DS) - Lemonade
A Short Hike (Xbox Series X) - Mop it up
Dead Cells (PS5?) - Broodwars
Process of Elimination (PS5?) - Broodwars
Pokemon Trading Card Game (Switch NSO) - Mop it up
Resident Evil 3 Remake (XBox Series X?) - Lemonade
The Revenge of Shinobi (Switch NSO) - Mop it up
Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Switch?) - RABicle
League of Enthusiastic Losers (Switch?) - RABicle
Florence (iPad?) - RABicle
Shadow Dancer (Switch) - Mop it up
Shinobi III (Switch) - Mop it up
Yoshi’s New Island (3DS) - M.K. Ultra
Shadow Archer (Wii U) - M.K. Ultra
Tunic (XBox Series X) - Mop it up
Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Switch) - Luigi Dude
Maestro! Green Groove (3DS/DSiWare) - Khushrenada
Mighty Milky Way (3DS/DSiWare) - Khushrenada
Kirby's Blowout Blast (3DS) - Khushrenada
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (Switch) - Khushrenada
Tunic (PS4) - Broodwars
Death's Door (PS5?) - Broodwars
Balan Wonderworld (PS5?) - Broodwars

For a total of 36!

If interested, here are the past threads for this event:

Backlaugust 2020
Backlaugust 2021
Backlaugust 2022

(Not that it is that hard to search back for them. Not like the forums have been inundated with new topics these past few years. :'( )

Now I've said it before and I'll post it again right now. To me, any game is part of the backlog whether you've had it for 10 years or 10 minutes. Until you've actually played and beat it to your satisfaction then it is part of your backlog. Of course, I do get the idea of using the month to perhaps motivate a person to tackle some of those games that have been in the backlog longer but anything you haven't beat or completed in your backlog is valid no matter how long it has been on your personal gaming backlog.

That said, I do think you'll get more satisfaction out of the event if you finally get around to tackling a game you've been meaning to play for 5, 10, or 15+ years. Yet, I realize that sometimes a player may also want to focus on something that is recent and they are currently engaged in like, say, Pikmin 4. So, I get it if a lot of people were to check that game off this year and finish it during Backlaugust. That's ok by me.

At the end of the day, Backlaugust should be seen as a personal quest or, in literary terms, the conflict of man vs self. Challenge yourself to make up a list and see how much you can conquer in the span of 30 days.

In 2020, the gamers/users of this site were able to complete 44 titles. In 2021, it was 39 titles. In 2022, it was a new record of 56 titles!  :o :D Can we beat that this year? Who knows but no harm in trying!

Even though I just mentioned to view this as a personal quest, a funny thing happened in the first Backlaugust event. Let's go back to everyone's favorite year (2020) and review. A third of the way into the month, I had finished a couple games that I'd already been playing before the event started which were Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. About a third of the way into the month, I decided I could do my part to contribute to the thread and post those two games as part of the total.

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on August 11, 2020, 03:16:03 AM ---I guess one might as well use this thread as a temporary "What was the last game you beat?" location. Wrapped up Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition over the weekend by finishing up the Extra Story content. So that is done and dusted from my backlog. And tonight I beat Yoshi's New Island for 3DS. Just have 3 extra/bonus levels to complete. So, rack up another couple for NWR.

--- End quote ---

RABicle, who had totally gotten on board with the idea as soon as he saw it and had been on a gaming tear, replied to my post with:

--- Quote from: RABicle on August 11, 2020, 04:17:30 AM ---Sounds like you're trying to compete with me! I know it's not a competition, but I'm winning!

But for real just announce your intentions to clear off some other games here in this thread. Join the fun!



--- End quote ---

That comment of I'm winning and then the added you guys will never catch me suddenly ignited a competitive fire inside of me. Having known RAB a long time on these forums, I knew it wasn't a personal attack on me and it was all friendly banter but I wanted to see if I could pull off an upset he didn't see coming after that comment. I then went on a gaming tear of my own. In the end, I ended up beating 14 games to RABicles 17 for the month but I still enjoyed making him sweat once he saw someone else begin to start racking up a bunch of finished games. That spirit of competition may also give you some extra motivation in getting through games in your backlog.

However, the idea of making Backlaugust a competition raises some new questions about rules which came up in the 2020 thread. If a game has multiple endings, does getting a different ending each time count as beating a game? What if a person has multiple copies of a game? For instance, I have Kirby's Dream Land on my 3DS but I also have Kirby's Dream Land on the Switch Game Boy app and Kirby's 25th Anniversary collection for the Wii? How much can one "game" the system here?

Let's go back to the first rule. When is a game done? That's up to you! Mark a game off your backlog when you've seen the ending or end credits, or once you've seen enough of the game in a game without a "proper ending" (like an arcade-type game). You don't have to do or get everything unless you want to. Thus, getting multiple different endings in a game would suggest do everything in a game which one doesn't have to do for this event. Likewise, the website Backloggery only gives two options for finishing a game which is Beaten - The main objective has been accomplished. Usually marked by the defeat of a final boss and/or viewing of credits and Completed - For games which are 100% done. All extras and modes have been unlocked and finished. All significant items have been collected. For this event, we are mainly interested in just accomplishing the first goal of beating a game. Therefore, if a game has multiple endings, we only care about you achieving one of those endings to beat the game. If you want to keep playing for it and go for completion that is up to you up but you can only count it once from the first time you beat. I know that I've gone back to some games I've beat in Backlaugust to complete them in the months after so you may want to do the same.

Since you can only count completing a game with multiple endings once, it only makes sense that, in the case of a game having been released on multiple systems, we only allow a title to be beaten once in the month by a player. Going back to the example of Kirby's Dream Land, if I beat the copy I have on my 3DS for the month then I can not also play the version on the Switch app and the version of it in Kirby's 25th Anniversary and have that all count as three games beat during Backlaugust. Only one copy/version/port of a game may be allowed to be added to your total for the month. In my backloggery account, I have some cases where the same game is listed on different systems like DKCR on Wii and 3DS. I count each version separate in that I don't list the Wii version as done until I beat it on the Wii and I don't list the 3DS version done until I beat it on the 3DS. But for this event, I'd have to chose either to play and beat the Wii version or the 3DS version as one of the titles I'd like to take off my backlog but not both versions. (If I hadn't beaten them both already in this example but I have.  8) )

Once more, this isn't a real competition against other users. There is no prize for whoever may finish the most games this month aside from any "bragging rights" that one may personally feel for doing so. With a new judge in town ;), I can help clarify any other questions that might arise but the main thing is to just play and finish more games than RAB this month since he started this whole competition aspect in the first place.  ;D

Oh right we’re on and the stage is set because I’m suffering through a long commute and have an insane multi day road trip coming up next week. However I think the GF has forbidden gaming while we’re actually camping and I’ll have to do half of the 30+ hours of driving. I’ll edit this post with more details as I go but will be sure to update on the discord too.

So what have I got to play? I suppose I’ve already beaten Pikmin 4 and it’s about the backlog so let’s start by going all the way back to Oxenfree II on the iPad. Should be an easy enough task to get going and then I might start digging into my switch backlog. I know Opus: Echos of Starsong has been waiting for me as well as Eastward but that is probably pretty long being an RPG so I’ll be sure to keep League of Enthusiastic Losers on standby for a quick sugar hit. Part of me really wants to knock over Xenoblade 2 so I can justify buying Xeno 3.
Goddamn I’ve been falling behind in my reading lately too, all because of Zelda. Damn I should’ve known to leave Ganon for August to do that too!

Ok I’m approaching my station but I’ll examine my switch backlog when I get back to my Grandma’s house where I’m staying during the winter of the house renovation.

Only 1% battery on the iPad lemme quickly list other candidates
Arrest of a Stone Buddha
Sports Story
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
This War of Mine

Thanks for picking up the torch on this event Khush as I have been looking forward to it. I have the following games on deck so I will try to finish these first:

* Mass Effect 3 on Wii U
* Yoshi's New Island on 3DS
* Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on Switch
* The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Switch
I am looking at playing Concrete Genie and Sunset Overdrive next but those are just stretch goals at the moment.


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