Author Topic: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Are the Best/Worst Games in the Series  (Read 6859 times)

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Re: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Are the Best/Worst Games in the Series
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The Nidorans look different though, Silcoon and Cascoon don't.

Hence my citation of their names being the same and not their appearance.

The Nidorans are only separate Pokemon because gender wasn't in Gen I.  Silcoon and Cascoon both evolve from the same Pokemon, so it makes sense that they look similar.

Also this. And yeah, I understand the reason for the naming, but that doesn't make it any less dumb. I just brought it up as an example of arguably bad or lazy Pokemon design(/naming) to show to genwunners who think that Gen 1 was flawless and brilliant in every way.

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Re: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Are the Best/Worst Games in the Series
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I was a big fan of Pokemon red through gold and diamond through x and y. Ruby and Saphire felt a bit flat for me and I will give my reasons:
1. The selection of Pokemon types are severely limited. There is a huge amount of water types and I was always left with an open slot. 
2.  It felt like there was a large imbalance in the Pokemon.  The bad Pokemon were ridiculously bad and the good ones were crazy overpowered.
3. The Teams(Aqua and Magma) have a huge fetish for dark type Pokemon. This was always an issue but it felt really present in these games.  These evil organizations would probably be more successful if they would chose more than just rattata, koffings and ekans.
4. The run feature was a great addition, but everything was so far away from each other it didn't matter as much.
5. The legendaries were not fun to catch at all. From riding a bike over loose floorboards to using relicanths and wailords to reveal the path these journeys felt more like a chore than adventure.

This game had a good deal of memorable Pokemon.  I will not mention them now as we all have our own opinions on memorable. I loved every Pokemon game after ruby,sapphire so it has nothing to do with my tastes changing. These are just my thoughts