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A fine line to be number 1

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Like I said earlier this could change overnight when Sony enters the Handheld market.
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If it was going to change, it would not be "overnight."  Nintendo dominates the handheld market with about three times the force that Sony dominates the console market.  The only thing Sony could manage in a year is a denting Nintendo's position, not overthrowing it.  Remember, even though the GC and Xbox have the far better hardware, when you'd already had 8 million or so consoles installed, it doesn't matter how good your system has, publishers are still going to make games for the older system.  No matter what comes out, people will still make games for the GBA, which has something like 20 million systems sold worldwide.

By the way, Sony has already developed a handheld-type system.  There's a reason why you haven't heard of the PocketStation.

no one is going to mess with the gameboys position this generation. and it wont be over night. its true. the only way they could dethrown the gba is by maybe making the games on disc so that they are cheaper to develop for. that the only reason sony was able to over take nintendo. and not to mention cds on a handheld system may not work because of skipping and what not. i am not an expert at these things, but i really doubt nintendo will lose the handheld market.

windy man

Do you really think that if Sony made a hand held that connected to the PS2 and will connect to the PS3, marketed it hard, and  brought over games like Vice city and such that it wouldnt put a big dent in the GBA?
I may not happen in one month, but over a span of 2-3 years I think Sont could and would take over the hand held market.

I am Sure when the PS1 came out no one cared either.

Hindsight is always 20-20

you certainly cant beat the selection...all GB, SGB, GBC, and GBA games....
its the same with playstation psx and ps2 games ar ein a huge volume.
No one could really catch up on selection for gba as a competitor.


Originally posted by: thecubedcanuckHindsight is always 20-20
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Yes, which is why the Game Gear and its bigger color screen and vast game library totally crushed the puny black and white Game Boy when it came out.

Oh, wait...


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