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Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion

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Just got past what many consider the first roadblock in Barroth in the village quests.

I did faint twice because of their mud move and then charge.  The mud does something a little different from past games.  It hits you and damages you but without having to be a mud ball.  It also has the effect of slowing your walk or run if you try to go through it. Also I have noticed the mud stays around longer that it used to so it is a matter of finding the right path to get out of the area surrounded with mud. 

I did it with the upgraded base Hammer and this new set I am working on. Izuchi helm, Baggi Mail, Jaggi Gauntlets, Izuchi coil and Baggi Greaves.  The skills on it are Attack Boost level 3 and Critical Eye Level 2.

One other thing that I like is there is no separate gunning armor so you don't have to make a gunning set just for using bowguns and bows.

I finished the story mode for this over the weekend and I'm having an absolute blast with the game. The movement is so good.

Still working through the villager quests. Look forward to see how the rest of the story goes.

I was going to bee line to Wroggi in celebration of my favorite armor set returning, but wasn't sure how far into the game it shows up. Was going to look it up, but then realized other than the demo and initial trailer I was completely blind on the game and didn't want to spoil too much. So I'm just going to go through all the solo missions and enjoy the game instead of rushing.

Started on bow but I've been bow the last three games, so I'm back to longsword. Thinking after getting the hang of wirebugging I'll jump over to something else like lance/gunlance or hammer.

I'd play online, but irregular schedule with the baby has me up at odd times and never having more than a few minutes to play a full match, so online will be tricky until things settle down.

So veteran Hunters will remember Mixed Set Mondays from Arekkz Gaming and he released his first episode of Monster Hunter Monday for Rise. It is expanded to showcase news, hunting clips and some monster trivia.

Here is the first episode.

Since Rise is new the mix set is about gathering and getting the most out of your expedition runs or just getting the most out of your mining runs.

Here is the set. Leather Headgear S, Rathian Mail S, Leather Gloves S, Leather Belt S and Chainmail Pants S.


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