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Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion

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I am really sorry everyone about the hunts the other day but I napped too much that day and ran past the start time.  I will try to make it up next time.

With that being said I am now HR 51.  I played with some randoms and I fought the newer 2.0 update monsters.  So I think I want to start working on some endgame armor and weapons.  I am working on a gun lance set right now.   I almost fully upgraded the Gun Lance. I need a Rathian Ruby and some zenny for it.   

The armor set I have two pieces already in the Sinister Gauntlets S and Bazelgeuse coil.  I need the Kushala Glare, Almudron Mail and Bazelguese Greaves.   Skills it will have is Handicraft +5 Razor Sharp +3, Guard+3, Artilary +3, Load Shells +2, Evade Extender +2, Flinch Free +2, Hellfire Cloak+1.   

Watching the NBA Hall of Fame but there will be some hunts today in about 3 hours or so. 

About 15 minutes I will post the room info here.

3456 and Lobby ID is US3T6J is the room info.

I got to High rank. Hoping I can find some time where I can confidently join you all online for some hunts. I think the Rampages would be a blast to play as a group.


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