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Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion

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The Magnamalo Orb eludes me. The dreaded true hunt for 1-3% drop rate materials begins.

So the Monster Hunter digital event was shown earlier today and for those that missed it here it is.

Bit of a summary of the update.

Hunter Rank Unlocked and layered armor
Elder Dragons
New Apex Monsters and hunt Apex Monsters

Also I think since the HR cap is off we should organize some hunts. I know I have been playing with Mop it up but really haven't gotten a chance to play with anyone else here really.

Maybe we can do weekly or bi weekly hunts much like we did with Tri back in the day.  Would anyone be up for that?

I am definitely up for online hunting. Have just been playing with random strangers, and that has been going well so far.

I've been sidetracked by a review game and MLB The Show, but I really want to get back into this and I'd definitely be interested in playing with you guys.


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