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Game Boy modding/restoring (first GBA mod completed, check a look)

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First modded Game Boy Advance:

I gave this to a friend as I previously mentioned I would. I left the lens film on so he could officially do the honors, but you can still see how nice these displays look. He chose the aftermarket shell which is pre-cut for the larger display and does not require an aligning bracket so good thing I bought a bunch of those. 😒 This does not include a custom lens (used the one included with the IPS display from Funnyplaying) or the momentary switches for the shoulder buttons.

I actually broke a Game Boy Advance on my first attempt by accidentally desoldering a tiny component (which I immediately lost) while trying to remove one of the shoulder button switches. It can be repaired, but it’s probably not worth it because the component is stupid small, I’m not sure where to get the replacement part, and I’m not skilled nor invested enough to do so. I guess I now have a test/practice board to work on. 🤷‍♀️

I've toyed with a few different ideas but my current plan for GBA stuff is to homebrew my 3DS. It's able to run GBA games almost entirely natively because of how similar it's hardware is and this way I can consolidate my entire pre-switch Nintendo handheld collection onto one device. Plus it has better buttons than the DS lite and better screens than the DS phat, and games look super sharp in pixel perfect mode.


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