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While I haven't selected a theme yet, I'm actually feeling my creative juices on this start to perk up again and have now realized 5 Mafia themes I could do that haven't been done yet. However, first I want to see if the player participation will be there before giving it too much thought. At the same time, I feel like posting in here my plans and themes for the next few games as to what I'm thinking of doing because I'm starting to feel hyped and want to get other people hyped as well.

Share them. I had a few sitting on the back burner as well and would be happy to share what I recall of them to you to flesh out more fully.

Well, I was thinking about the rules and roles that I did last game with Metroid and was wondering where else I could apply them. I think it could work with a Luigi's Mansion theme. There would be two killers again which would be Luigi and Gooigi or E. Gadd. The mafia would be King Boo and Boo Buddies looking to establish themselves as rulers over the townies or ghosts like greenies, slammers, etc. There are treasures that the killers can pick up to make their vaccuums more powerful or give them more abilities. The only thing I can't quite come up with yet is what might be the flag or the equivalent to a metroid in my Metroid game.

In addition to Luigi's Mansion, I also thought that Mega Man might work with this ruleset with maybe Mega Man and Mega Man X or Zero as the killers. Not sure what the Mafia would be but it could be Dr. Light with Roll and others. Townies would be Robot Masters and Dr. Wily could be a role for the townies. Again, people would have abilities attached to them that Mega Man can get to make him more powerful in the game. Again, I'm just not sure what the flag might be for this theme but maybe I don't need to include that. Much like how Mega Man gets abilities from defeating the other robot masters, I feel this time of theme would work pretty good with the one established in Metroid.

Likewise, I also thought of Pikmin working for this theme. Olimar and Louie as the killers. Emperor Bulblax, Empress Bulblax and a couple others as the mafia with the townies being Pikmin. Olimer and Louie could be trying to get ship parts and treasures which make them more powerful as they use the Pikmin to accomplish this while the mafia is just trying to devour Pikmin and assert their natural dominance. Again can't really think of what might make for a good flag to capture. However, it also occurs to me that perhaps the Pikmin theme might be best used in a different way. Utilizing an idea from BeautifulShy perhaps Olimar and Louie are two Mafias that have to recruit their mafia from the other players and build it up much like you have to build up a Pikmin army. The Killer might just be something like a Grubdog or could still go higher up the food chain with Emperor Bulblax. That seems like it might be a bit more true to the theme of Pikmin.

Harvest Moon is another theme I think hasn't been done. My thinking is to use it more for a traditional Mafia theme but maybe more could be done with it. I was pondering whether it might be an idea to have everyone as a farmer trying to build up their farms for some advantage or abilities but haven't gone further on that concept. I'm kind of leaning towards doing Luigi's Mansion for this game but I might go with Harvest Moon if I just want to do something kind of simpler after not hosting a game for so long and sort of give everyone a game with less things to keep track of as a sort of warm-up if we do start playing more games regularly. I might include a role where a player has to "marry" another player of their choosing within a certain time frame. Then they would both be bonded for the rest of the game to try and add some more Harvest Moon personality into the game.

The other theme I'm thinking of but would likely be the 5th game of the ones I've thought of so far is Xenoblade Chronicles X. I do need to finish playing it for the full story so that I have a better handle with that for what I may do there. When I was going over ideas for themes and thought of this game, I also thought of my never realized Mafia RPG idea and feel maybe they could work with each other as players have an HP number assigned to them that can be lowered via voting or hits. Taking out players can get you money which you can use to buy things like armor or better weapons and maybe even a Mech suit to make you more powerful. However, gotta be careful to think how that could play out since the godfather or killer could possibly become too powerful if they can make a hit and get all the money a player is worth in addition through voting someone out making them too hard for the rest of the players too eliminate. It's kind of why I scrapped the RPG idea but I feel something maybe possible through the XCX theme.

I also introduced an idea years back of a Wii-Make with the idea of revisting past Mafia games and themes and if I were to host a bunch more games then there are a couple I'd like to revisit.

Hmmm. It just occurred to me that maybe I should make the flag for the Luigi's Mansion theme the portrait of captured Mario or the portrait making machine.

Currently, I have updated the OP to show that I have Mafia 87, 88 and 90 queued up with what I want to do. Not sure about 89 yet. Right now my expectation is that I'll be hosting it also but I'll leave the slot open for now in case anyone gets the urge to host a game.

As well, it should be noted that if any host wants to do a game like I did with Mafia 75 in which I created brand new accounts for all the players so that the game was done sort of blind without knowing who was who that option is open to you as well. I can help you get all that set-up. The bonus is that by having the passwords to all the accounts then the host can go into each one and see what is happening with all the private messages. Ho ho! Behind the scenes drama!

I mention this because I'll probably do another game like that myself at some point if we keep this a regular thing.


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