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--- Quote from: stevey on January 28, 2009, 02:17:51 PM ---I call 25!

--- End quote ---

This worries me.

On another note, should I lock up your old mafia threads stevey? I don't see the need to keep them open now.

No (I still need to finish writing stuff for them), plus I can still have the power to lock/unlock my own threads you know....

So Khush finally made his power play.... I expect Lindy to have an unfortunate "accident" sometime soon and the rise to power will begin.

But first Shyguy will mysteriously lose his tongue. Quit giving away the details or we'll never save the forums. Yeah, that's it. Save the forums.

Khushrenada:  Now that this isn't in the funhouse, can you joke like this without getting banned?

I basically have my game planned.  Plugabugz and I worked on it some in private messages.

I need to get a feel for school before I decide to run a mafia game.  I am still waiting awhile, perhaps Spring Break for me...but we shall see.

The theme will be:  MARIO PAINTball. 


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