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TalkBack / Re: Red Colony (Switch eShop) Review
« on: January 31, 2021, 02:46:58 AM »
Thanks for the response!  Yes that intro is a much better example (to me at least) of immediately problematic English usage.  I'm also annoyed when playing a game, especially if a lot of it is text, when it's basically wrong.  Often in Japan-English game translations.  I'm not an English major, but have to use mostly proper grammar in my job haha.  A (maybe somewhat) funny anecdote is that I tutor two nights a week as a side-gig at a local college, mostly in math, but also with an English major. While I am not quite as good at correcting things on papers etc (she is better), where she really excels is in the "why"s.  I can never fully explain beyond "It doesn't sound right".

Fair enough on the art; I think I don't have a discerning enough eye is probably why (as I mentioned I'm not anywhere near an artist).  Huge fan of the Senran art as well though.

Thanks for the crazy virus explanation though!  And thanks again for the detailed response!

TalkBack / Re: Red Colony (Switch eShop) Review
« on: January 30, 2021, 10:39:02 PM »
Disclaimer: I have not played this game nor necessarily plan to.  And this isn't meant to bash the author of this review (at all, truly).

That said, and I realize these are likely typos as well, but the following sentences also have glaring errors:

"Everyone is, whether they want to or not, is developing a new hobby during the COVID pandemic." One is or the other would work; not both.

"I quickly learned that guns aren’t actually necessary to battle the undead, which is probably for the best since ammo is relatively scarce despite it being illegal to have in the Red Colony."  Despite is an odd choice... The fact that it is illegal would be the reason it is so scarce.  Using the word despite would make more sense if ammo were abundant in the colony yet you couldn't find enough.

"Shut up, B*TCH, I’m talking! I’m gonna die, Maria. DRUNK IN MY F*CKING OFFICE while I watch your big t*ts and curvy-ass BODY…F*CK MY LIFE! You’re SO GOD DAMN HOT! If James hadnt shown up, I would have given you the world!"  I'm trying to find the typo... Only typo I can see would be the missing apostrophe in "hadn't".  Or a lack of a space after the "..." before "F*CK".  Obviously it isn't fully coherent sentences, but it's a drunk person's rambling.  And I'd guess the all CAPS is for emphasis, not accidental. 

I guess in short, it wasn't the example I'd have used.  I trust that there are many other horrible things in the script... And I do not mean to flame the author truly.  Just juxtaposing his review with the one bit of script from the game posted.

Also, I personally don't see anything glaringly wrong with the art in the one photo posted (other than obviously the proportions are intentionally not natural, like in most anime tropes).  If that's the only issue, many games have fault there!  Most are intentionally trying for non-realistic proportions...  I'm no aspiring artist though, and like what I see  ;D

Also, what was the origin of the virus (asked above) so I don't have to play a broken game hahaha!

TalkBack / Re: Iris and the Giant (Switch) Review
« on: November 07, 2020, 11:32:32 PM »
Good review, I just downloaded it today.  Normal seems a little easy for this type of game (beat the giant on my third run, (ironically after removing all buffs to get the second imaginary friend) although I admittedly did have to look up what to do after wasting endless time killing minions and getting more cards during the final battle).  Understand there are two other "modes" beyond giant.  I guess the reason I wrote this is that if I wanted the higher difficulty, it wouldn't make sense if I could jump into it with all the perks I earned on easier difficulties, for this type of game, so I disagree with that criticism; especially as it allows multiple save slots.  Would make sense to have to start from scratch on "hard" mode for this type of game.

Super important for me; Hyrule Warriors had no online Co-op.. I suppose because it was a Wii-U port?  Worrying is that this hasn't been mentioned yet...  I thought today's trailer was gonna be a bit more detail-oriented than it was.

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