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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 1.

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"Hello all! I'm Mayor Khushrenada and welcome to Shady Village located here in Hidden Valley. Unfortunately, some of you may know this place by its infamous nickname of Mafia Town.

I'm not sure if you are aware of the history of our little community so I'll briefly outline it for you. For quite few decades, our humble village become widely known as an agriculture gem thanks to the wonderful weather that occurred here year after year with abundant sunshine and plentiful rain. Local tradition believed that we were blessed by the Harvest Goddess and it was her power that ensured such a fine climate for us.

Sadly, many years ago, some nefarious individuals moved into this community with the goal of acquiring the Goddess's power for themselves. They disrupted the lives of many people here and our agricultural production as they sought to take control of this land. The disharmony they created seems to have had an effect on the Goddess and our weather as conditions can change suddenly from scorching heat in the morning to snow falling in the evening making it quite hard to grow anything.

The poor turnout of crops and livestock from the disastrous had an effect on the local economy with many having to move away including the villainous elements that no longer saw a profitable reason to stick around. Thankfully, things seemed to have started turning around for Shady Village. With things becoming peaceful again for the few who remained, the weather also seems to have begun mellowing out and returning to its former helpful ways.

Seeing so many more new faces moving into start a new life and make their mark with a farm or business of their own makes me feel the future of Shady Village is looking very bright indeed. With more wonderful people like you around then hopefully we can restore this community and shake off that ugly moniker of Mafia Town. Please feel free to check in with me if you need anything as you get settled in here."

Announcement Post

Welcome to the 87th NWR Mafia Game. Your continued participation has helped us keep this forum tradition going for 15+ years!

Voting Time: For Day 1, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of just about 50 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at Midnight EST Nov. 19 aka 9:00 PM PST Nov. 18 aka Noon Perth Time Nov. 19. However, the thread and Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 16 players still alive in this game meaning 9 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Contact From or Contacting The Host: If you want to contact me via private messages on the forum or through Discord and the NWR Server, I will be doing my best to keep checking both places and be available to you through the medium you prefer. As well, if you would prefer I contact you either here or on Discord then let me know and I'll try to make that my primary way to communicate to you for when I need to reach you on a matter.

While it is not necessary, if player's wish to include me in the messages they send to other player's, I am always grateful for that as it allows me to see how people approach the game and the rules and roles in place for it which is useful feedback for hosting future games and what to possible tweak or leave alone.

Voting Requirement: There is no voting requirement for this game. No one will be automatically eliminated if they haven't voted for so many days. I leave it to the players to decide if they will let other users stay under the radar with little voting activity.

Role-Playing: Feel free to roleplay from all manner of farming sims like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. Or perhaps you may want to go with any kind of farm type character in video games like Malon of the Lon Lon Ranch. Or skip the video games and go with any kind of famous type of farmer in pop culture media like Old McDonald or the couple in the painting American Gothic. The sky's the limit with what you may want to incorporate. Heck, you might just want to ignore the theme and do your own thing. Insanolord once hosted a Soccer-themed Mafia game and I just ignored that and did a NewsRadio roleplay instead. There is no rule about role-playing so don't worry about it nor do you have to even bother with it if you don't care about it. It's just something that can add some extra fun to the game and sometimes even inspires the host as they try to write up the unfolding story of the game.

Becoming An Eligible Bachelor/ette For Jamie: After the Announcements Post, I will make a post listing all the goods available for selection still in the game. I will be updating that post throughout the voting period so you can check that spot to see what is still available.

I think that about covers the necessary introductory game details. I suppose I'll just highlight quickly that players may want to check the Townie Vigilante role as I've given that a bit of a twist from past games. Otherwise, take some time to read up on the Jamie role when you can as that endeavor is what will give this game a boost of Harvest Moon energy. On that note, here is today's Harvest Moon Musical Selection: Breeze - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

With that, I hope you all are able to have some fun while playing this game and good luck!

Goods For Your Farm

I'm afraid this old forum software doesn't allow for tables anymore so I'm just going to have to keep posting images of an Excel Spreadsheet for this which isn't too exciting I'm afraid. Hard to make that sexy. But it's the most functional way to do this I suppose.

I'll just have to take new snapshots from time to time and edit the image here. As well, I have given a neutral third party a list of the 5 items that appeal to Jamie and 4 items that can bribe Khushrenada to verify that these have been pre-selected and not just chosen on a whim to make things more exciting for this game. In case anyone were to have doubts about trusting me. But what has that ever happened in a Mafia game ;D ?  ......... oh.  :'(

With that, this day is open and all players can now take control of it.

Lets go with bananas for my first choice today.  Such a bountiful resource and so tasty too.


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