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Mafia LXXXV: Metroid Dread. Day 7. Self-Destruct Sequence Initiated!

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That's it! We hold this for an hour!

Nobody touch anything!

Vote Tally so far:

GK - 3 votes

We've reached a majority. Are you players sure about this? I mean, I know Mother Brain has investigated everyone still in the game at this point except GK but this seems like it might be a rash decision.....

We are sure khush.

*alarms sound everywhere* *multi-colored lights flashing*

Hold on, Cupcake! We'll make it! Thought for sure Luigi Dude was the dude. How wrong I was! Oh, the humanity! Vote GK

To think that GK could be Dark Samus. I gave it the best drinks I had, on the house! Sure, it had turned to vinegar by the time I served her (whatever , but waste not, want not!


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