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Do you think the next mafia will have a simpler ruleset? I noticed some people mentioning it. The challenge is having enough tweaks to still make it interesting (more interesting than a regular mafia game already is, that is!).

It was rather complicated to follow with all the items and such. I was struggling to follow it all before I had to step away from the game.

I would like to take Mafia game slot 89.  It will be a more streamlined idea of the Neighborizer RE Mafia game I hosted.  I may even change some of the format of the game. How days are done and such.  One Game thread for the game.

Alright, Mafia crew. So far I have stuck to my original thoughts on the proposed games so far...

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on September 13, 2021, 02:40:39 AM ---Well, I was thinking about the rules and roles that I did last game with Metroid and was wondering where else I could apply them. I think it could work with a Luigi's Mansion theme. There would be two killers again which would be Luigi and Gooigi or E. Gadd. The mafia would be King Boo and Boo Buddies looking to establish themselves as rulers over the townies or ghosts like greenies, slammers, etc. There are treasures that the killers can pick up to make their vaccuums more powerful or give them more abilities. The only thing I can't quite come up with yet is what might be the flag or the equivalent to a metroid in my Metroid game.

Harvest Moon is another theme I think hasn't been done. My thinking is to use it more for a traditional Mafia theme but maybe more could be done with it. I was pondering whether it might be an idea to have everyone as a farmer trying to build up their farms for some advantage or abilities but haven't gone further on that concept. I'm kind of leaning towards doing Luigi's Mansion for this next game but I might go with Harvest Moon if I just want to do something kind of simpler after not hosting a game for so long and sort of give everyone a game with less things to keep track of as a sort of warm-up if we do start playing more games regularly. I might include a role where a player has to "marry" another player of their choosing within a certain time frame. Then they would both be bonded for the rest of the game to try and add some more Harvest Moon personality into the game.

--- End quote ---

And now we come to Pikmin...

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on September 13, 2021, 02:40:39 AM ---Likewise, I also thought of Pikmin working for this theme. Olimar and Louie as the killers. Emperor Bulblax, Empress Bulblax and a couple others as the mafia with the townies being Pikmin. Olimer and Louie could be trying to get ship parts and treasures which make them more powerful as they use the Pikmin to accomplish this while the mafia is just trying to devour Pikmin and assert their natural dominance. Again can't really think of what might make for a good flag to capture. However, it also occurs to me that perhaps the Pikmin theme might be best used in a different way. Utilizing an idea from BeautifulShy perhaps Olimar and Louie are two Mafias that have to recruit their mafia from the other players and build it up much like you have to build up a Pikmin army. The Killer might just be something like a Grubdog or could still go higher up the food chain with Emperor Bulblax. That seems like it might be a bit more true to the theme of Pikmin.

--- End quote ---

As you can see, I saw two ways to go with this theme. I've been leaning towards the latter side in which the mafia's recruit other members sort of like how in a game of Pikmin you have to build up and manage your army. I've been leaning that way to do something a bit more different and because player's seemed less enthused with the two killer ruleset in Luigi's Mansion. The problem I'm seeing when thinking about this game is the length of it. Let's say it is a one mafia game. Olimar has the choice to recruit or kill. We spend the first three nights of the game with Olimar recruiting three players and now the Mafia has 4 members. In the meantime, are the townies not voting anyone and just waiting to see how it plays out at first? Is the killer getting in a bunch of early hits (if there is a killer)? That length could double if there are two mafias of Olimar and Louie (or someone else) of waiting for the Mafias to form.

If we allow the mafia to recruit and hit on the same night then that just makes a bigger disadvantage to the townie side since that is like a loss of two townies per night. Meanwhile, they are likely to vote out a townie during the day due to the small size of the mafia at the beginning so I think it has to be the one option per night of recruit or kill.

Of course, I could have the mafia already formed with max members at the start of the game. However, if the mafia loses members in a vote and then just recruits a new member at night then the townies really don't gain any ground and you are just better off hoping to be recruited as a mafia member to in if you are a townie. The idea would be that killing Olimar or Louie would then cause the Mafia to lose the option to recruit new members and the remaining members of that Mafia would then have to play out the game with the numbers they have but if Olimar evades detection for a long time then the game seems tipped highly in favor of the Mafia win and doesn't have proper balance.

I thought I'd talk about the conundrum here to see what other player's thoughts might be on it. There's still the option of doing the two killer, capture the flag type ruleset again but would players be up for trying it again or not? Also, I guess I should start sending out invites again as I'd still like to see double the amount that have signed up so far.

Khushrenada your recruiting idea seems similar to my RE Neighbor game in how I started small with the second Mafia team and then took from other teams and I think there was a flaw in that game.

 Have it so that that team can only recruit townies and townie roles and if you try to recruit a member on the other Mafia team you couldn't and it is a wasted recruitment and the next night you could send out a hit on that player but you can't recruit the same night.  This way the recruiting team can either get a normal townie or possibly a townie role who may have been in some form of alliance so the information comes that way. It also is a way so that the other Mafia team can not worry about being recruited but will have to worry about being killed if said player is in too many alliances so there is a balance in how one would play.

That is where the balance comes from.  So it would be possible for all three factions to play as good as they can within their roles.

The other way you can go with this is have a killing mafia and recruiting mafia teams much like stevey's Hotness Mafia and have similar mechanics as the recruited/kidnapped players wither being apart of the recruiting team but not having any active roles just adds to the number of players on the Recruiting Mafia team and gaining information of the whole Recruiting Mafia team. 

  If you have a kidnapping mechanic like in steveys game then they are able to have their powers but are able to escape.   Maybe while being kidnapped they can't use their powers but they are able to send out a message to the next day thread if they survive the night in jail and send it by Pikmin to everyone.   Like in that game you have to survive 3 days on 3 dice rolls to escape.   Also if kidnapped they will not gain information on who is in the kidnapping mafia.

There can be fun things happen in the game with the kidnapping mechanic like voting out the player in the jail or the killing Mafia can kill the player in the jail or even the player in jail sending hints on roles which can affect the game in helpful or hindering ways.  Sending false information out.  Deciding not to send a note out but having two messages the 2nd day/night they are kidnapped but risking that they may not be able to survive the night.


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