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I've found that my mafia discord has taken off really well so if anyone wants an invite hit me up. Also as a GM way easier to manage on discord.

Remember when we used to play Mafia games? Those were good times. Anyone think we'll ever get another one rolling in our lifetimes?

Recently I've been thinking about doing a game, but I haven't had any ideas yet.

I also thought about putting up a sign-up thread for a game when Sept. 1st rolled around after Backlaugust. Couldn't really think of a theme.  :-[ Thought about just doing the Metroid theme from last game again because I really liked the roles and abilities set up from that game with the added "capture the Metroid flag" element. Couldn't think of another theme that might fit in smoothly with those elements.

But what the heck? I'll throw up a sign-up thread for another game and see if the demand is actually there. I'm sure I can host something but I may just skip the story and theme part (and it's not like we haven't played games where I skipped on a lot of the story before  :P).

Lets be honest, al of us hosts have either delayed, watered down, or dispensed with the story by the end of games. It is tricky, time consuming, and if you want to do it "right" you are writing this all up in the short window of the night after night actions conclude and the next day begins which is the harder part.

I supposed you could pre-write a clever story and then just fill in the names of the people who are relevant for the current days events but who has time for that?  ;)


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